Tepee Nopah 1943:

JULY 9, 1943:  -  Friday 3:30 PM Arrived aforesaid at Camp: Mother, Mrs Donahe, and myself. Came up by train, leaving Lincoln 6:50 PM Wednesday. Changed at Omaha and waiting for us at elevator was Elizabeth. We visited for an hour and a half. Left Omaha at 10:45 for St Paul arriving 2 hours late which we did not know at once. Waited with our things on for 9AM to get off and THEN found out we were two hours late. So we had breakfast brought to us. Met Mr Hansen, at the Gate ,our Porter #1. We are old friends with Mr Hansen so we were put in his hands. Kept wheel chair, had nice lunch. Mr Hansen came to see us three times. Left via wheel chair electric motor, etc, to a crowed train. Porters got us fixed up.

Arrived Duluth 1/2 hour late, 6:30 PM Thursday. Had cab to the Holland Hotel. Very nice.  Had had lunch made for us to carry on train to Duluth...Lvg at 9AM to Tower ar at 12:25 PM, Friday. Mr Aronson met us at train and took our baggage and drove Mother and me (98 degrees) in truck up to Olsons. Mr Donahe walked up. Mr. Olson drove us to the boat landing in his auto. Then with all baggage and groceries, wheel chair tied on the speed boat "Security"
out on regular run, arv 3:30 PM. No man there to help us. Put everything on dock. I opened the house which had been partially opened and carried, by wheel barrow, what could be brought in. I unpacked the big trunk by clothes basket - 2 loads of that- and tray was all we could, or thought we could do. But at 6:30 it rained and we "overended" mothers trunk up and into the house. dragged the big one up under some trees, covered with a rubber cape. We ate at 8PM and went to bed by 10. No lights. Very hot day and warm night.

July 13, 1943 - For the past four days it has been very hot. Days began in high 60's or low 70's and often would reach the 90's or over. Went swimming every day, once, and sometimes twice. Found some baby duck hatching out (two families nearby) and deer thick as last fall. Very few men to hunt - most gone to war. Big Bear is around again. Others also, but none here at cabin yet. Glenn works at the mine and helps out here after his days work. (NOTE: The work at the mine is war related and Glenn was un-draftable because of his job) The ice melts so fast we get it every day. No meat in the stores Tues. or Fri. The ration Board was very generous and ordered Grubens to give me gas until my card comes through. Found my boat had been used and all gas was out.!Wish there was some way to get ahead of the graft. Grubens store is denuded. Never saw so few things in a store, so many empty cases.

We cleaned up the bedrooms on saturday and the clothes on Monday and sent the big wash off to the Tray Laundry. Then today we cleaned all the cupboards, dishes, and cabinet in the kitchen. Tomorrow is to be this room! (Wot room is THAT Mom?) NOTE: My guess she's in the living room when she wrote that).

This afternoon a bad electrical storm came at 3PM. It's STILL raining and it's 8PM. The rowboat is half full of water. Much cooler but very pleasant and comfortable. HMF

Mother weighs 100#
Mrs Donahe ...118#

August 31- Many things have happened since last entry. On Sunday August 8, Bob, Ruth Helen Greusel and Don Young arrived for the summer. Three weeks previous mother was taken sick. A gradual loosing of strength, until Dr Mantz was called to see what could be done. Mother became incoherent and very weak. On Tues. Aug 10th we moved mother by ambulance to the Virginia Municipal Hospital. Dr. Neff received her and for 5 days she hovered between life and death. At the end of about 10 days things looked encouraging and Dr. Neff was astounded at her recovery. Brother George arrived at Tower August 10 and was taken to Virginia by Bill Gruben where he and I rented rooms. I returned August 16th to pack up and leave the cabin for the children and to get Mothers things and my things to go home. George and I both returned again August 22 and 24 went back to Virginia with Dr. (?) Fiuestra (?) and wife . On 28th Dr and Mrs Mantz all 5 of family down to see Gram for the day and returning by bus.

We came back again via Dr Mantz to lake on August 31. Will expect to return by Fri or Sat and then take mother and George home - all 660 miles by ambulance. Weather this summer - fair- warm and nice. Swimming good. Finish baths at Mantz's. New people at Piney Ridge. Mr and Mrs Rask (Pharmacist) are liked and seem very pleasant. Glad to know them. Sun coming out - Did George's and my washing today and now will rest!

Sept 2, 1943: Guess this end of this log gets blessed with a new scribe. Guess it's also one of those things. This year we have among us those two congenial characters, Miss Helen "Baroness de' Legs, Greusel and my Fraternity Brother, "Handsome" Donald Miller Young.

Plenty has happened what with poor Grandmother illness to make this a coming and going summer.

Weather has been so-so but not exactly up to par. Dave Walcott's in the Army and our other buddy is flying Navy planes for this one man's war. Don and I are classed 4F along with the rest of the basket cases classed as unfit for Military duty. Jerry Fay was originally declared unfit because of his Hay Fever, but is flying "First Officer" for Pan AM, 5 routes out of San Francisco.

Pitts have sold their cabin to the Rask family..who as Mom has said are nice and neighborly. This no doubt will be my last summer at the lake for a few years. I hope to graduate from College next year and   job - money - wife and so on..... (NOTE: got drafted 7/25/45)

Have enjoyed today bouncing around in some rough weather in the "DAISY". Our 16 HP Evinrude went "rude" on us and serves us no longer. I had it on the "Lois-June" and during the course of a spin the connecting rod broke as did it's sister and flying bits of Motor strew the summer breeze...along with some un-biblical remarks by yours truly. The 9HP motor is now our sole source of power. It does nicely but is slow compared to the 16.

No bear yet..there are some according to Glenn, for he's shot one recently...while cleaning some fish. "Tippy" his pup gave notice! With shells scare we don't do any target shooting. Helen and I found one porky swimming between Pine Island and Emerald. Later Don shot it.

Don and I slept out on Emerald last night and we lucked out - no rain. We've all tried the aquaplane and both Helen and Don have really done well. Our weather didn't permit doing it very often - too cold - or rainy. Tried it double and Helen showed off! Very Good! Indoor activity when rain kept us there was reading. I liked Ellery Queen Mystery stories.

Our cook, Mrs "D" took over where Ethel left off and does very well at kitchen work. She sticks her nose in places where she isn't really wanted in some instances...youth, ah youth!

Sept 6th: Today it rained. Looks like it'll continue maybe for a week. Glad we four took our "round the island" trip yesterday. Stopped at Bear Creek, the old family picnic area and came "home".
A surprise waited for us when we got back. Ethel came back. Her hubby (Hans Corser) is en route overseas. She is at her home in Tower now and soon will become a proud mother.

If it rains tomorrow our closing up will be damp. It will be cold too. Jerrys folks came up yesterday too. Jerry is back in San Francisco. His routes will be the Hawaiian Islands (He likes them according to Mrs. Fay)

So much for this year. We've had fun but sorrow at Gram Ferriss's illness. Mom is "spent" taking care of Gram. Hate o realize that I may not return here again for quite some time. Have had a wonderful set of parents to give me a wonderful young man's life. Thanks all!
SCRIBE: Robert-O

PS: 9/7/94 Last night mommy bear and cub visited us for some beef drippings. They were polite and only took half a can full...in 3 visit between flashlight shots. Glenn (Bystrom) loan me his rifle. If they return tonight we may have some fun! Anyone for a bear rug?

Have had an awful wind and cold weather. Waves in Big Bay to 6 or 8 feet according to Aronson. Waves broke a window in the MAYFLOWER and one wave washed the top of the cabin. Hope it's not that bad tomorrow when we leave for home. Fays left because of the bad weather. If anything happens tonight, will add a line. Otherwise.

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