Tepee Nopah 1944

1944, AUGUST 3----:

Arrived at TP 3:15.  Ruth, Uncle George and Don who joined the party at Duluth.  Also, HMF.  Found the lake higher than ever.  Docks awash.  Aronson's MAYFLOWER driven by Bill Gruben brought us out straight.  House ok except for a few roof leaks.  Rained every night for a week 2 bad storms with wind, hail, thunder and lightening.  Scared everyone - much damage to trees, docks, etc.  We have had very warm/hot days. Pleasant though.

On wednesday, Ethel and her baby son "Jack" came out for a week.  We are enjoying them very much.  Indians brought blueberries.  Ruth and Don picked a bowl of red raspberries one day.  We have cleaned the house, put up pictures and hung the bear.  Latter looks fine!  Took down the broken end of the dock today (Friday).  Crib is broken in pieces, logs lost and stones out. Will need lots of work.  Hope to rebuild the whole dock this week......took a few pictures today (group)

August 24, 1944:  Ruth and I alone now.  Don went home August 16 and Ethel and baby also.  Same day Ethel received  a telegram from the Government informing her of Hans being seriously wounded. Ruth was with her and helped some. They were driven in by Ella Gruben. Ruth came back by 5PM.

George (Uncle George Ferriss--Mom's brother) left on Monday Aug 21.  He was a lot of help doing all the morning chores.  Flag, water, wood, 2 beds made on porch. He slept in Grams room first, and then on the porch while Ethel was here.  Lots of rain and hard to get around with everything so wet.  We miss George lots.  Fays came same day he left.

Have not used the boats much.  Dock will be repaired later.  Fred is very thin.  Looks badly.  Is 64 years old, Sept. 3, 1944.  Ruth and I are lonely.  Fays go home Sunday so we will leave Monday.  Cold mornings make lots of work and we are tired.  All well at home-nice letters from everybody.  This will probably be this years last entry.  Busy now.  Bill Carlon is helping us paint the front porch floor and other jobs.  I can't find the front stakes for lot 194 -
Enough for now - HMF.

(ROF NOTE 1994 -Jodie and I found these stakes in 1992. The SW corner, however is a curve where a junction in the old roads met or crossed, so there are two stakes there which identify the "area" but there should be more).This finished the first log book.-

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