Tepee Nopah LOG BOOK #2- 1945

(The year ROF was married, discharged from the Army and went to work for Gates Rubber Co.)

V. Dells, August 7- Ruth, Hannah and I (Olin) left Lincoln on August 2 driving my Chevrolet, and arrived at Arrowhead Point about 5:30 pm Friday Aug 3. Just before leaving word came from Joyce that Bob had received his discharge from the Army and would be home soon.

We left Rilla in super charge of the household at home, including Mother Ferriss, Mrs. Kavanaugh (day nurse), Mrs. Mitchell (part time housekeeper), Ruth Mitchell (night nurse), etc.

Our summer's expectations were August at the lake with Ruth and Don part time, possibly Joyce and Bob for a couple of weeks, and maybe Dorothy, Denny and Diane.

I have gas for the trip, since I have to inspect a POW camp at Cut Foot Sioux Lake, having in mind acquiring it for a Surveying Camp for the University of Nebraska.  Co.. Lobdell is the instigator of the idea. But a telegram received Sunday 3:45 PM that mother Ferriss had fallen and injured a hip. Telephone call revealed a broken pelvis.  So Hannah left today (Tuesday) to go home by bus and train.  Lv Tower at 9AM - Duluth at 1:00 (Soo Line) - St paul at 9:25 - Omaha early wednesday and arrive home at 10:10 am on wednesday. -we hope!

Ethel and Jackie called on us Monday PM . Big Boat is put up after a half a dozen trips to Arrowhead and the hotel. Ruth and I will stay currently.  Don will come next Sunday.  The others-----?  This is my first trip here in three years.  Things look different - trees especially.

Wed. 8, August '45 - Fine hot day and I daubed the roof in the hope that I could stop the little leaks. Now, let it rain and well see!

The Fays arrived yesterday, Gerald with them. It was he who flew over our house 3 times the other day, waving at us.  Word from Mommsie that she was in St. Paul aboard a good train for Omaha but no pullmans nowadays, for the run is less than 500 miles. Dons letter to Ruth says Bob and Joyce will be here monday.  Letter from MR. Robert O. Ferguson says he's in K.C. but will be in Lincoln about the time Mommsie gets there.

Thursday, 9 Aug '45 : Wash day! Ruth and I did 6 washers full and filled the lines. Ruth went to Virginia with Mrs Fay and Gerry and had a plane ride back over Pine Island. Past here 3 or 4 times. Got some pictures. Back home about 7PM.

Letters from home tell of Mother Ferriss's fall. Rilla was in the room at the time. Also a letter from Don saying Bob and Joyce expect to arrive at Tower on Sunday, 3 days hence. Lobdell will be at Cut Foot Sioux Camp about the 23rd and 24th and expects me over there to inspect the place. Invited me to bring Hannah, but she isn't here to go.

Friday- 20, August '45: Cloudy to begin with - getting more and ending up with drizzle and rain.  Looks like the old fashioned 3 day affair.  Worked around the house all day.  Read.  Gerry brought over the news that "Japan is negotiating through Sweden". Wonderful news on top of Russia's declaration of war and the use of the first atom bomb. What else could Japan do on top of all that?

Telegram that Mom is coming back with Bob and the others. Gram is doing well. Saw a fawn near Tower.

Sun. 12, August '45 - Met the folks and they are OURS!  Mommsie, Jodie, Bob, Don. Quite a crowd at the train.  All excited over the imminent surrender of the Japs.

Wed. 15, '45: Rained all day monday. Cleared in spots on Tuesday and got a bit warmer. E'body went to town but OJ.  Spied a bear on the big rock as they came back in the boat, but Gerry, Bob and Don couldn't find him later!  Official announcement of V-J DAY, came TUESDAY about 5 PM Is it 14 or 15? (Dad checked "15" and "OK".)

Wed. morning coldest yet - 49oF. Clear and sunny.  Bid faire to be a nice warm day when it gets around to it.  And Don and I got wood out of the woods - 2 trees.  Bob had a cold and stayed in bed for the AM.  Ok again in the PM.

NEWS:  V-Day-J, and gasoline rationing is all off.  Mom got the Gar Wood out again after having it docked to put away.  Bears seem plentiful down at Mantz's, Kutchera's, etc.

Sun. 26, Aug '45: We are down to four. Momsie, Jodie, Bob and OJ.  Ruth and Don left for Kansas City last Thursday the 23rd. We are to leave next wednesday (29th) since Bob must be at work in Omaha on the 10th of Sept., for Gates Rubber Co.  Weather has been fine and a very blustery day today with a So. wind promises good results too.

Spent a couple of days clearing out a spot on lots 11 and 12 for a new house if we decide to build next year.

The Gar Wood decided not to run last week and we all labored on it - principally Bob. Geo. Gruben found a leaky intake which sucked air into the feed line. That helped but it wasn't all. We tried everything pump, carburetor, spark plugs, coil---. She runs nicely. WHY?...Yes...WHY?

Mom has a bad growth on the first joint of her right index finger. Will need attention.

Tues. 28 Aug '45 63oF: Saw Aurora-B last night. Good but not spectacular. We went down to Dr., Mantz re HMF's finger. He cut away the dead skin and surface infection. Filled it with Tc.Menth and advised hot cold soaking. Much better today. Dr. M. came in this morn and redressed it. Will clear itself evidently.  Last washday yesterday.  Bob and Jodie did it while Momsie and I were at the Dr.s.  Glenn Bystrom limped in this morning with as broken toe.!

Even'g same day 28th: Nearly everything done for our get-a-way.  H must soak her hand again in the morning and go down to see Mantz before we go.  Warm and quiet tonight.  Went for our last Gar Wood ride except for the trip across, tomorrow. (Scribe has been OJF)

Tues. Aug 28 9:30PM 1945: (Scribe HMF):  All set for home.  Have just packed my finger for the last time and the last night.  A gorgeous day and a beautiful sunset that the boat really ran for us to go see.  Gone about 40 minutes.  Hope it runs all right in the morning. Will keep our fingers crossed.

Dad bumped his toe and it is all black and blue, so my finger's hot water took care of his toe!  A rather short summer, but a very pleasant and comfortable one.  Joyce and Bob drive back with us - helping drive.  We expect to stop in Algona, Iowa to see Col. Lobdell's POW Camp,
                     'Bye for now.....HMF

29, August '45:  8.55pm and we are leaving for Dr. Mantz's and the Point. All closed and dark !
[NOTE: This is followed by the August calendar on which daily temps are shown.Low temp was 45 on the 25th and the high for Aug was 68 on the 19th]