Tepee Nopah SUMMER 1942:

July 8, 1942 - Mom, Ruth Gram F and I (Robert) left home on the 6th and drove 45 mph on account of the rubber shortage due to the war. We arrived at the point at 5 o'clock on the 8th. Used a new route in hopes of cutting down mileage. It didn't work, but it wasn't any longer either. Weather isn't bad at all, though it's chilly in the mornings.

July 17_ Ethel came on Thursday. Camp pretty well established. Found docks had been pushed in 4 or 5 feet more. so making half of the docks up on the beach. Glenn and his brother are making them over. The larger one now starts about 5 ft in front of the dike and runs 51 ft 6" out. It takes a lot of lumber and logs. Bought the heavy butt ends 8' long from Fred. $20.70. Test we are cutting from our back lot. We have had 2 heavy showers 6" of water the first time and about 1-1/2 last night. It beat hard and leaks opened up in new places. Bob feel much better and we all have much sun burn. On the 16th I varnished the Aksarben and Ruth painted the roof. Looks pretty well!

The bears number 9 on the island. Among them are two females. One with triplets and the other with twins. Gram feels quite well and we all eat like thrashers. HMF.. (NOTE: Farm hands, not the birds) ROF

Aug 11, 1942 - The docks are finished. Cost $125.00. We like them. Plenty of space for Aksarben in very low water. Ethel saw a bear in the back oath first week she was here...none appear since. Glenn had to shoot one - another stole a fish from his ice house. David came Au 2. Bob's birthday. We had a fine day. Went to Tower to meet David on Wednesday preceding and bought a 3 month old Red Irish Setter from the woman near "Friendly Tower on Hiway #1 out of Soudan 3 miles north. He is growing nicely, was frightfully thin when we got him bit is filling out. He takes Red Hart Dog food, mile bread, Oat Meal and Cod liver Oil. Learning a few tricks and is affectionate. His baby teeth are sharp and he tears up many things. Is nice to have around.

We have been boat riding, surf boarding, swimming. David rides the board like a veteran. Ethel enjoyed her first time swinging. Rode around the island last Friday about 45 minutes. Went thru Muskrat Channel, Oak Narrows and into Niles Bay. Got switched of the route into Frazier Bay. Gone 1-1/2 hours. Nice ride. Lots of rain but it hasn't interfered with fun or work. Sun hot and weather not too cool in the mornings, tho we had fires every morning and evening.

Gram Ferriss is enjoying the summer very much this year. She feels much better. Our dog is named "Major" and is Bob's dog. Everything going well. David goes home sunday. We'll miss him. He has made lot's of fun for us. (Story of the outhouse breakthrough) HMF.

ROF NOTE: Her reference to the "outhouse breakthrough" will have to be researched..I don't recall..unless David does...did the floor give out...and if so under whom? David?)

Aug 18, 1942 - David  and Ruth went home by train on sunday...2:43 PM from Tower. The day was lovely. We had had 3 or 4 days of rain and were tired of it. David had to go, and Ruth wanted to sing at a friends wedding on the 27th, so this was a way for her to have company home. So it is lonely now. Bob was feeling well enough to help with the washing Monday. Rather a large one too. But not like last week! Major growing nicely but is still car sick. We took him along to Tower Sunday..he doesn't like cars or boats!

Bear tracks down front on monday AM, early after the rain. Porky's again...and mice! Glenn monday and fixed two leaks in the roof and put drain cuts in the high windows to let rain drain forward instead of running into the cabin. While I was helping Glenn on the inside, the ladder went over sideways and I fell. Caught hold of the rafters until mother put a chair under me. Some bruises and much strain. Feel all worn out and shaken up. Ok though  - no bones broken!! Awfully lonely here! HMF

Am terribly black and blue all over breast and arm- broke some veins D. Mantz says.

August 29- Major is 5 months old today. A dull but warm day. Lot's of rain, both heavy and light. Last night a bear prowled around here and found a string attached to some bacon rind that was further attached to some tin cans, perched on top of the shed roof. Paw marks show how he got it. He ran away into the woods. Dog barked and we all rushed out. No sign of cans...Bob looked all over.

The Kurtz's arrives Wed. (The brother and his family). We have had a number of Finnish Baths down at Mantz's. Doc Mantz thought they might be beneficial for Bob. High Temps 59 -61-65 HMF.

Sept 4, 1942. Ready to leave in the morning. Hope at 9AM. Trunks ready to go by mail boat in afternoon. Ethel will stay and finish with us and leave by mail boat Saturday. A fine summer in spite of the war and Roberts Rheumatic Fever. Cold this AM but not as cold as yesterday..frost on everything. 44 degrees in the house. Gram is fine. Bob is pretty good, Dog OK, and I'm ready to go home. Have had my last swim this season.  HMF.

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