Tepee Nopah  1940:

Arrived at lake at 5 PM June 20 after an eventful and unhappy experience on the 2nd day out from Lincoln. Mother (Mom's mom- Gramma Ferriss) fell on a cord tied in a loop around her foot in a service station near Hugo, Minn., only a few mile north of Minneapolis. She was so badly hurt that she almost fainted. We put her in the car again and gave her aromatic spirits of ammonia which  I finished up. We drove on after a delay of an hour or so to Forest Lake where we found a doctor, (Dr. Ruggles) who took an x-ray and found the upper bone in the arm broken 1/2" below the joint. It was thought best for mother to go to the Hospital. So Doctor R. took mother back to Minneapolis to Asbury Hospital. I drove on later with the 2 children and dog, opened the cabin and got things ready to live in. On Friday (next day) at noon I left here by Tower by train for Minneapolis. Arrived 7:30 AM Saturday, spent the day with mother and left that night for Tower again. Found mother better than I expected. I returned here Sunday at 1PM.

Got busy monday at once on the new building addition through Olson's. Osterberg will do the labor.

Had lots of rain and it was cold then but the sun is out now and warm.Have gone swimming 2 times already. The "AKSARBEN" is out and running well. Saw the loon one night on the boat trip. Not many people up here yet. Gerry is expected this week! Our party is now  Robert, Ruth, Teddy, myself and Ethel. "Signed: HMF 6-30-40"

JULY 21, 1940 Sunday. Scribe HMF
The house is finished.  10'x11' with 7' ceiling.(This is the attached bed room mom added on to Tepee Nopah - I thought it was to accommodate Gram Ferriss, Ruth says it was for HER! ????) Too much lumber cut up.

On Friday July 7, I brought mother up from the hospital by train. Trip was not too difficult. Mother stood it well. On Tuesday July 16, Elizabeth came via Virginia where Bob and I went to meet her 1:45PM train. She came on the 11:45 and we each ate at different places and walked around and didn't meet until 1:45 train time at the station.  It has been terribly hot here for 3 or 4 days - Mother is finding the heat hard to bear. So today I cut off much of the bandage that was too cumbersome. She is wearing my old clothes. The temps are higher than usual at 7-8AM. At 2 PM today it hit 93 degrees. We've been in the water once and will go again. I don't last long. The family now is Bob, Ruth, Elizabeth (until Wednesday AM) mother, Ethel and myself. We are expecting olin in Virginia next tuesday. Have expected him for four different times. Last word was telegram. Hope that is the last one. Too hot for more!  HMF

Saturday, July 27, 1940: Weather seems to be on the Fall order after a brief hot season. May give us some hot days yet, as Robert
wishes. I (Dad) arrived on Tuesday by way of Virginia having the shortest trip ever. Left Lincoln Monday, 7PM; Omaha 9:15; St Paul 8:15AM; Duluth by 12:40 PM bus: arrived at Virginia at 2:40 PM - Lincoln to Virginia, less than 20 hrs. Folks had been told I'd be there at 4:30 (later bus) but I caught an earlier bus. Hannah and Robert met me and we reached home about 5:30.

Elizabeth was still here though she left the next day on the 2:53 train via Tower, en route to Bridgeport to see Dick. She had seen Dorothy and Denny in Omaha, Sunday, July 14th.

Everybody goes in swimming these days except Grandma! I can't exert
myself yet but paddle like a kid and get wet. Trouble with the    well. Using the old one just now. Also trouble in getting the flag rope up. String is still caught. Robert and I will work on it today.

Ruth is reviewing algebra in preparation for the University exams in Sept. Elizabeth discovered some molding clay the other day while swimming. She, Ruth and Ethel have been sculpting. (OJF)

Sunday August 25-1940: A cool morning but not cooler than some others. One was 42! Brrrrr. It was a cold rainy black night and Ethel didn't come back until 8AM. She had started breakfast, Olin and I were dressed and Bob starting to when a motor boat with Mrs Cushman driving came to the dock waving frantically. Olin rushed out - Mr Cushman had fallen in a faint and hit and broke the basin and was unconscious. "We" (ROF note: actually Dad and I) rushed over. Margery (Cushmans maid) had things under control by the time "we" got there by doing artificial respiration. (Moms' version follows)...He must have had some kind of a convulsion for he jerked badly at one time. Dr Manse came and many neighbors. Dr Watson came from Soudan. 18 miles in 15 minutes! Never took his foot off the pedal - hit 80 most of the way. Olin went over in afternoon. Found all doing well.)

NOW MY VERSION: Margery did have Bob Cushman out on the living room floor. He had been locked in the bathroom taking a shower where an LP gas water heater was. The flame had gone out and Bob was overcome by the fumes that could have blown the joint up if someone had lit a match. He passed out, fell from the shower and knocked himself out. Mrs Cushman and Margery had had to ax the locked door open to get him out..she then came for help and left Margery to work on Bob. She probably saved his life.  Mrs Cushman had left OUR dock and gone to Grubens to call for a doctor...and mom's Watson story is right. Manse? I didn't see him there at all..and there weren't a lot of neighbors that showed up. All Dad and I did, was to check Bob, cover him up with some blankets, congratulate Margery  for her prompt work and wait for Mrs Cushman to come back. Then we came home and I finished dressing  and had breakfast with Pop. Now on with the "LOG"...

Both Bob and Ruth went to Tower to a show, "Pinocchio" again. Rather dull here now everyone gone. Have wired David to come. Don't know yet the answer. (ROF should I edit?)  If he will come, Bob will drive Dad and Ruth back on Tuesday and bring David back on Thursday. Ethel goes home on Friday-so from then on I'm the cook until we go home or the weather drives us out. This has been the coldest August we ever knew.

This morning we discovered a large motor boat had run aground on the edge of Isle of Pines in the pitch dark..head on - full speed. Some crash. Boat did not sink - No one lost. (ROF NOTE: Per Bill Gruben, the man that owned the boat was drunk, had left Grubens
after dark, managed to get through the bridge ok, made the west corner on Isle of Pines, but didn't know that there was a small culdesac after he made the right turn...and he beached his speed boat among the pine trees...a total..he wasn't hurt)

We have a new shed now. All painted white. Moved the outhouse to a new location, built an additional room and put a lavatory in the front corner of the new room, painted the canoe. Porch roof ceiling and floors will be painted later. A new bedroom set , 4 pieces, was put together by Robert, a fine job. We feel this was a successful summer. The pump is the only refractory piece. No more water. So we are using the old pump.   Scribe HMF)

August 28, Wednesday: Cold and rainy. Yesterday, Bob and I drove Ruth and Dad to Virginia to take the train to Lincoln. We telegraphed Dave on Sunday night to come up if Bob drove them home but it did not materialize. Ruth had a bad cold when she left but a card this PM from Sty. Paul she was no worse. They should be getting home this morning. It was nice this morning so Fred worked at the last of the white painting. Porch floors ready, but it was pouring rain all afternoon. Bob went over to see Branner et al, and came home soaking wet, The Fays arrived back at the lake in all this rain. Bob and my colds are some better. A letter from "E". Ok. and don't upset the folks HMF...some surprise for her-(ROF note:?)

Sept 3 9:30PM All set for home. Our last night here for this year. Mother,Bob and I are all that is left. (and the Dog) Bob and mother are already asleep. A very warm day. 86 degrees at 3PM and 64 at 7AM. Everything done that can be. A hard big summer for me but some fun too. Mother seemed pretty good today. Hope all goes well. I am better and ready.  Scribe HMF..(.followed by temps and calendars morning temp 48 degrees low in entire summer No highs recorded)

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