Tepee Nopah  1936

July 6, 1936 New scribe HMF

Another new summer at Tepee Nopah- new house, new things all set to go. Trip up uneventful except for trying new way. Left Lincoln 8:15 AM Thursday July 2 - took Blair bridge cut off and saved 16 miles + 20 minutes. Ate lunch at Carroll, Iowa and took 69 out of Ames north to Albert Lea, Mn., instead of going to Colo and north on 65. Saved 19 miles and more time. Drove to Owatonna-6:15 PM. Ate supper , got car greased and tire repaired - Stayed at Shady Rest Camp -beds rotten. Left Owatonna ate lunch on Highway at fine place north of Pine City Hgy #61 and arrived here before 6 after trip to Tower for baggage, supplies..then supper at "home"!

The glorious fourth was  fine day-warm - lots of noise and night works. Picked up and straightened the house -boats-motors -going ok. Found turtle shell big one on beach. Therm 60 degrees 7:30 AM. Awfully hot day. In swimming 2 hrs. Roast dinner.

July 6. Therm 58 at 5 AM -hot day no cooked meals except brkfst.
July 7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14 record breaking heat wave. Temperatures unequaled. Lowest AM readings 72 degrees, all other same or higher...the highest 102 on the 13th. awful heat, the dog was in misery too. The lake water registered by thermo. n the 11th 87 degrees, 12th 90 degrees 13th 92 deg. We have gone in the water to cool off but the water was only a bit cooler than blood heat- No meals cooked except brkf time- all windows and doors open all day and night for this entire period. Yesterday, the 14th the sky clouded and by afternoon cooler breeze came ruffling the water. White caps came were in the channel - the roughest we've seen in this two week period since we came.

Automobiles on the road could travel 15 to 25 miles-radiator boils. Last evening the sun was a round red ball of blazing heat -took a movie of it - predicts another warm day. Have been in swimming twice every day so far.    HMF

July 15 - Fays went home because of the heat. Left on the day it was 106 in Duluth and it turn cooler that night. Buried the turtle, burned up old tube old rubber cape and trash. HMF

July 21 - The most heat we have ever experienced here is over. A breeze and a change of wind - A storm at Mpls cooled us here some. Last evening for the first trip to Grubens in many days and the motor burned up half way over. Dad rowed the rest of the way and Jim took motor off and investigated. We got groceries and came home in the "Arrowhead" towing "Minneshappa". So we are marooned until motor is fixed - except for the rowboat and we CAN walk to Fred's.

Put up the aerial today - radio much stronger.

Had a bath again to day but water is cooler now - and at 5 PM a wind blew up a bit and a shower. We are using a fireplace fire mornings now. Robert's "water in the head" has collected in his ear! Some nuisance to him and some painful - are rubbing it with analgesic and using heat. The sailboat is painted now and mast ready-sail is almost finished - Just made my first cake here - to hot before - Ruth sprained her ankle too. A nice letter from Elizabeth today telling of the awful heat. She seems to be standing it, tho both girls sleep on the roof nights -and in the cellar days Papers say storm sunday cooled things off about 30 degrees. Hurrah! I feel better today -  HMF

(ed: a calendar is inserted showing trip info and AM/PM Temps for July)
1-Lincoln 2-Owatonna 3- V Dells Temps beginning with 7/4: 55,60,58,72/96,76/92,72/92,73/93,74/99.5,74,99.4,74/102,74/94,64,67,71,67,61,55,60,63,60,60,55,56,62,61,59,50,52,and 63.

1936-Aug 22 scribe OJF- Much cooler now though the highpoint of the summer occurring July 13th was 102 in the cabin midday. Have had no mornings yet below 50. Everything has been much as usual otherwise. The one variation of note was a trip to Canada Aug 7 and 8. Left here by Fred's help about 9:30 AM and arrived at International Falls between 12 AND 1. Lunched and then crossed over to Ft. Frances. Put up at the Rainy Lake Hotel with fair accommodations. Rained in PM so we drove Northeast out to the lakefront and the Park and Tourist Camp.This is nearly opposite the Railroad bridge. Saw also the lumber mill and yard from the outside. Shopped at Lloyds and elsewhere - 2 coats, fox neckpiece, blankets, towels.

Hot baths 8:15 to 9:30 and to bed, but not to sleep overly much. What with several thunder showers, sharp lightening, and a 5 piece dance band (?) that made a superlative effort to use their 6 numbers effectively! Oh! oh!

Next morning visited the paper mill (Ontario) and we were shown through by Harry Lascelle, the guide. Very interesting and instructive trip, from raw 8 ft logs to 1600 pound rolls of paper for newsprint.

Started back in forenoon perhaps about 10:30 (?), lunching at Cook about 1:30 then across by #12 and 77. Saw about a dozen forest fires of small dimensions, but of such size as to call out fire fighters. Some of them became worse later and over 1000 acres were burned at Lake Kabetogamma. Fire are numerous this year, the worst for 20 years. Has been so dry that they flourish. Radio calls for men and trucks have come day after day, asking for 600 more men. The territory includes the Canadian border and the range around Hibbing, south of Eveleth, near Duluth, near Superior, etc etc.. It is only by exceptional effort that things have not been worse, though many farm homes have gone up in smoke.

Robert is having great fun with his small sail , built for his home made boat, but used on the row boat. The old single Evinrude is in running order and we used it for a week or so. The large one went bad on us, "because the grease I used last year was too thin and the gaskets let it leak out. Result, worn gears and bearings. Cost about $20, repairs made in Minneapolis. JUST AT THIS MOMENT THE RADIO IS BRINGING us a broadcast from the French border of Spain, telling the scene of a Spanish battle going on between rebels and government forces. 10AM here 3:30 PM there. "A little engine with one car runs down the track, fires at the rebels and runs back out of range. I see three forts from here, San Sebastian.......etc., etc..... OJF.

AUG 28: 7:25 AM - We leave today. Rained nearly all night. Coming down like fun. B'fast is over and nearly all things stored. Boat comes at 9:30 for us, "Rain or shine"! Will take a lunch and drive straight along. #77 is a question but it's only a four mile stretch. Fred is to come a 8 o'clock to help with the canoe.

Temps for the month of August follow: Range from 50 degrees several mornings to a once recorded 71 on August 1. Averages probably about 60 for the month.

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