Tepee Nopah  1937:

July 3, -Arrived at Arrowhead Pt. at 4:37PM just in time to load up before it rained, hailed very hard. Over to Tepee Nopah after almost an hour delay. All baggage in but no freight yet. Latter is mostly canned goods.

Came by Blair Bridge, Carroll, Ft. Dodge, Albert Lea, Northfield, St Paul, Duluth, Virginia, Angora, Detours at Mo. River and north of Virginia. Cabined at Northfield, near north edge of town. Very pretty camp but toilets poor.

Our gang is five. HMF,RHF,ROF, OJF, and Mary Ellen Foltz (Ruth's chum) Elizabeth is in Chicago working at Ryerson Library. Household in good shape though settling of house, heaving of fireplace cause some displacement. OJF scribe

July 13, 1937 It rained yesternight! At 10:30PM there was 6" of water in the big boat and the row boat, which had been pulled up on the beach, was running over. Robert and I emptied the former by bailing and pumping but the cover failed to connect well. Water over the stones at our porch was 1-1/2" deep; over the gravel behind the dike 6-8" deep in the path to Fays 12-15" deep. Roof leaked in four places. All because the five kids had a picnic on Peanut. Must wash out the boat and clean the feed line in the motor today.

Have driven to Tower twice. Not much doing except routine. OJF

July 30 - Weather has been varied - hot to cool, wet but not too wet or too dry. All going well. Went to Virginia on Wednesday last (28th) all but Robert. Drove by the #35 which took about 58 miles.

Returning by #53 and the detour we recorded 45 miles. While in Virginia I attended the Rotary Club, met 15 men of the approx. 30 there. One was Mr. Douglas from Ely. Federal employee, on cadastral  (ED NOTE: a survey done by the government as the basis for taxation) survey region from airplane. Promised to come to Tepee Nopah on Saturday with photos of the whole region and stereoscope for viewing them. Also to bring his sail boat to give us a sail!

Osterberg was here yesterday to jack up the house a bit. Half days work. Gar Wood rep. demonstrated the new 20 foot mahogany speed launch yesterday and day before. Rob't drove it in Wednesday. Thursday, Robert, Ruth, Jerry aquaplaned behind it. "Pickled Tink". But NO SALE. May build a wood shed. OJF

Aug 15, 1937 Today is sunday and we are even lazier than usual Sundays. It has been a work-a-day week, however. H has painted the front porch region and waxed the linoleum. I've transplanted 3 balsams to the back yard region; cemented the between the fireplace chimney and house; rebuilt the wood piles. Temps are good, to high. Rains frequent. Nothing doing especially locally - OJF

August 24-'37 Went to Tower today to close up all accounts and get ready to leave Friday. All has gone well and we have had a good year. Today was rather hot for here and we went swimming this PM. Also enjoyed the ice cream we made this PM.

Enjoyed Mr. Douglass and his pictures and also his sailboat. Robert and Jerry and I went out with him for a couple of hours. Got wet, of course, but it wasn't bad. Ordered four aerial pictures of our region @ 75 cents ea. and have not yet got them. Will have to write for them probably.

August temps ran between 50 on the 21st and 70 on the 3rd.

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