Tepee Nopah 1919:

To catch up loose ends a bit, let me go back to 1919.  That year we camped out here, living in "two tents".  That named the place "Tepee Nopah" for Nopah means "two" in Sissaton Sioux.  The crowd was only four then, Hannah, Elizabeth, Richard and I.  Jack Kelley (Julius Konitz, actually) was our caretaker and "friend indeed."

l920-l921 - Stayed home.  Aug. 2, 1920 Robert born.



Came again, building the first cottage by purchase of a ready-built Togan Styles house.  Still Tepee Nopah regardless of its "one-ness".  Ruth was 3 mo. old.


Returned, Well put down front - etc.


was our  populous year.  Our family was six Fergusons, Plus Holmes Congdon (Bill) and Caroline Beach.  That was the year we had sick kids in Minneapolis and St. Paul; Ro and Ru fevers; Bill with a small pound of wooden splinter in his foot.  Heaven bless Station Master Hanson!


repeated our "family of eight" party, which included Caroline and Holmes.  Mother Ferriss travelled with us, but stayed at Birch Point Inn (Andy's).  Did not leave the Dells till Aug 30.  Arrived at home on Sept. 1.


First trip by Auto (Hupp-Six "Molly") via Sioux city, Sanborn, Le Mars, Milaca, Aitkin, Virginia, Embarrass, etc. O.J. returned to Lincoln for a month's work on "Tri-County" and went back to camp Aug. 1, all by train.  Drove back leaving Sept. 2 and had wet roads.  Did only 199 mi. each of the first two days, stopping at Brainerd, and at Redwood Falls. Made the remaining 383.3 mi on the next day by driving till 11:03 PM.  Rained next day.This was the year I hurt my knee. Also the year the Congdons camped in our backyard.


By auto, with nights at Jackson and Aitkin. Caroline Beach visited us for 10 days.  Mother Ferriss and George were with us for two weeks, "Ted's first year, and as a pup he learned many things about wild life (as in porcupines.)  Built the wood shed.


Delayed northern trip till Aug. 1 on account of tour of duty at Wright or Dayton Field.  Generator armature burned out in Omaha.  First night at Spencer, Ia.  Rainy with greasy roads near Windom, but reached Milaca for second night.  Mother Ferriss came up by train and overstayed us by going to "Andy's"  Elizabeth was in Europe this summer.  Our return, Forest Lake first night and Dennison second night. Robert was sick with pleurisy.


Family went north without O.J.F. who went to A.I.E.E. at Swampscott and Bell Labs. at NY City. They left about mid-July and O.J. reached V. Dells Aug. 3. Mrs. Fay's cabin burned in August on  Emerald Isle.  Homeward Aug. 27, stopping at St. Cloud and Dennison


Jul 8-Aug. 30 - New Hupp Eight via west route.  Mother Ferriss with us. Dick in R.O.T.C.  Aunt Rose Smith visited us.  Mrs. Abbott helped Hannah, some.  Dick and Jack Epeneter came up in the old Hupp for the final 3 days.  Took E. home with them.


Hannah, Robt and Ruth went north by train and stayed at Tepee Nopah. E. was in Sum. Sch. and OJF was in O.Res. Camp Omaha.
Tepee burned down on Jul. 25. E., Minnie Riepe and OJ left for
points north (via Hupp 8) on the 26th and drove 510 mi.  One stop of 5 hr's. at Forest Lake.  Ar. at Isle of Pines about 2:30, July 27.  Spent summer at Hotel Idlewild.  Carried old iron and trash back to back lot.


West Coast visiting relatives


Birch Point Inn
1934 - Isle of Pines.

To resume! Remember, this is l935 and is our twelfth occupancy of the lot #9.  Twice besides this, we were on the lake, once at Isle of Pines (1934) and one at Birch Point Inn (1933).
Did I say "resume"?

Our present "Tepee is not so large but is nicer than old "Tepee". The rough sketch gives an idea of its plan. The fireplace is built of boulders.  Partitions are vertical 8' boards, good sound #2 pine with lots of knots.  Battens cover the cracks. Three high windows in the front roof-slope are fine for light and ventilation.

Jobs accomplished to start were mostly curtains, shelves, unpacking, etc. On July 11, we drove down to Duluth to meet E. and Ru.  Robert stayed at Tepee Nopah, having Gerald Fay over for the night. H. and I stayed at Hotel Spalding.  Went to a show, after shopping for several hours in the PM.

Girls arrived early on the 12th and we b'fasted with them on the boat.  (They came by boat?) Some more shopping and departure for the Dells.  Arrived mid-afternoon, lunching in Virginia.

Later jobs included-painting row-boat; painting furniture (incomplete still); planning and painting flag-pole (40ft); building more shelves and cupboards; driving new well; hanging porch curtains; making surf-board - i.e. an aquaplane; planting trees; cleaning up in general, etc.  Do not have to chop wood, for Fred did that in the winter, in clearing up our old trees; installing radio. H. has bo't lot #12, but Stewart does not want to trade #10 for it, sight unseen.

On saturday, July 20 we received two death messages. Leila Ferguson died July 19 after the birth of her daughter, Jean Ann. (Ed note: Leila Andrews, a beautiful lady, was Frank Ferguson, Jr.'s first wife...his second was Leila's sister, Nadine. Newspaper clipping is in original log book).  Frank telegraphed to us by night letter which reached us mid afternoon. About two hours later another wire reached us from Albany telling of the death of Aunt Rose Smith, July 20. Hannah planned on going east, but a wire from mother (Grandmother Ferriss, Rose's sister) said she could not go, and Ed Poole said they were going ahead with arrangements for the funeral, so she abandoned the trip.

On Aug 5th a wire from Richard Stout told of Dean Stouts death in Denver. News from others comes occasionally. George Ferriss had a sun stroke. Mother Hoover had a bad spell but is better. Jerome Ferguson had an appendectomy. Is getting along fine.

Today is rainy and cool. Surprisingly high and moderate temperatures here this year. Rains are frequent, but today is the first continued rain that we have had.

Elizabeth is a bit done up. The summer program has been somewhat strenuous. Robert is enjoying Gerald Fay's presence on the island. Callers yesterday were the "Summers" from Hutchinson, Kansas . Ruth went back to the Idlewild Hotel to play with Elizabeth Summers (Ed note: called Zeb) and fell into the water. Scribe: OJF

Aug 16-1935

Weather still warm to hot. Temps begin at about 65-68 and go up in the 80's somewhere. Heavy work brings out pounds of perspiration. Today we raised our new 40 ft flag pole. A balsam pine which Fred cut for us last fall. Robert planed and gave it 2 coats of oil and 2 coats of white paint. I finished it with another coat of white paint and it was almost dry today. Fred and Mr. Fay  expected to help us, but we just went at it ourselves and did it! Robert and I rolled it into place on rollers. Then we built an "X" pole to support it as we raised it. I lifted the pole and Hannah and Robert managed the X legs. Got it up in a short time when we started. Set it bout 5 feet deep in stone and cement. Our new 5 x 8 flag went up for the first time about 3 PM. Looks well!

Jewell Wiedman was over this PM to see E. Ruth was over with the Summers the other day and when she came back Mr Summers smashed a hole in his fine mahogany Garwood "Security" on the corner of our dock.

Ruth, mother and I went to town yesterday to send a telegram to the University re R.O.T.C. as very windy and waves ran high washing over Grubens east dock, behind which we were tied. Scribe: OJF

Morning temps:

DATE: Aug  17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27
TEMPS:     62   68   65   65   49   55   61   63   59   57   ?

Aug 31 - 1935 (In Lincoln, Nebr.)

Left Tepee Nopah on the 27th. E., Ruth and I for Lincoln by Olds; H., and Rob't for Mackinac Is via Duluth and Great Lakes - S S Juniata, to get Mother Ferriss. We went to Grubens at 8:50AM. They, by Aronsons "down" boat at 10:30AM.

"We" lunched at Cloquet, dined in Albert Lea, slept in Mason City. Reached home on the second night, via Blair and Fremont. Mileage on Olds was 701 miles. Something wrong.

H  and Robert stayed in Duluth (Spalding Hotel) nights of 27,28 and 29th and boarded the boat on the 30th   (Scribe: OJF)

Ed Note: in 1989 I added a PS here, which reads-" Much later! (10-1-89) Robert, that's me, treated to a very rough trip on Lake Superior. Got seasick and didn't enjoy trip. Scribe- OJF

July 6, 1936 New scribe HMF

Another new summer at Tepee Nopah- new house, new things all set to go. Trip up uneventful except for trying new way. Left Lincoln 8:15 AM Thursday July 2 - took Blair bridge cut off and saved 16 miles + 20 minutes. Ate lunch at Carroll, Iowa and took 69 out of Ames north to Albert Lea, Mn., instead of going to Colo and north on 65. Saved 19 miles and more time. Drove to Owatonna-6:15 PM. Ate supper , got car greased and tire repaired - Stayed at Shady Rest Camp -beds rotten. Left Owatonna ate lunch on Highway at fine place north of Pine City Hgy #61 and arrived here before 6 after trip to Tower for baggage, supplies..then supper at "home"!

The glorious fourth was  fine day-warm - lots of noise and night works. Picked up and straightened the house -boats-motors -going ok. Found turtle shell big one on beach. Therm 60 degrees 7:30 AM. Awfully hot day. In swimming 2 hrs. Roast dinner.

July 6. Therm 58 at 5 AM -hot day no cooked meals except brkfst.
July 7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14 record breaking heat wave. Temperatures unequaled. Lowest AM readings 72 degrees, all other same or higher...the highest 102 on the 13th. awful heat, the dog was in misery too. The lake water registered by thermo. n the 11th 87 degrees, 12th 90 degrees 13th 92 deg. We have gone in the water to cool off but the water was only a bit cooler than blood heat- No meals cooked except brkf time- all windows and doors open all day and night for this entire period. Yesterday, the 14th the sky clouded and by afternoon cooler breeze came ruffling the water. White caps came were in the channel - the roughest we've seen in this two week period since we came.

Automobiles on the road could travel 15 to 25 miles-radiator boils. Last evening the sun was a round red ball of blazing heat -took a movie of it - predicts another warm day. Have been in swimming twice every day so far.    HMF

July 15 - Fays went home because of the heat. Left on the day it was 106 in Duluth and it turn cooler that night. Buried the turtle, burned up old tube old rubber cape and trash. HMF

July 21 - The most heat we have ever experienced here is over. A breeze and a change of wind - A storm at Mpls cooled us here some. Last evening for the first trip to Grubens in many days and the motor burned up half way over. Dad rowed the rest of the way and Jim took motor off and investigated. We got groceries and came home in the "Arrowhead" towing "Minneshappa". So we are marooned until motor is fixed - except for the rowboat and we CAN walk to Fred's.

Put up the aerial today - radio much stronger.

Had a bath again to day but water is cooler now - and at 5 PM a wind blew up a bit and a shower. We are using a fireplace fire mornings now. Robert's "water in the head" has collected in his ear! Some nuisance to him and some painful - are rubbing it with analgesic and using heat. The sailboat is painted now and mast ready-sail is almost finished - Just made my first cake here - to hot before - Ruth sprained her ankle too. A nice letter from Elizabeth today telling of the awful heat. She seems to be standing it, tho both girls sleep on the roof nights -and in the cellar days Papers say storm sunday cooled things off about 30 degrees. Hurrah! I feel better today -  HMF

(ed: a calendar is inserted showing trip info and AM/PM Temps for July)
1-Lincoln 2-Owatonna 3- V Dells Temps beginning with 7/4: 55,60,58,72/96,76/92,72/92,73/93,74/99.5,74,99.4,74/102,74/94,64,67,71,67,61,55,60,63,60,60,55,56,62,61,59,50,52,and 63.

1936-Aug 22 scribe OJF- Much cooler now though the highpoint of the summer occurring July 13th was 102 in the cabin midday. Have had no mornings yet below 50. Everything has been much as usual otherwise. The one variation of note was a trip to Canada Aug 7 and 8. Left here by Fred's help about 9:30 AM and arrived at International Falls between 12 AND 1. Lunched and then crossed over to Ft. Frances. Put up at the Rainy Lake Hotel with fair accommodations. Rained in PM so we drove Northeast out to the lakefront and the Park and Tourist Camp.This is nearly opposite the Railroad bridge. Saw also the lumber mill and yard from the outside. Shopped at Lloyds and elsewhere - 2 coats, fox neckpiece, blankets, towels.

Hot baths 8:15 to 9:30 and to bed, but not to sleep overly much. What with several thunder showers, sharp lightening, and a 5 piece dance band (?) that made a superlative effort to use their 6 numbers effectively! Oh! oh!

Next morning visited the paper mill (Ontario) and we were shown through by Harry Lascelle, the guide. Very interesting and instructive trip, from raw 8 ft logs to 1600 pound rolls of paper for newsprint.

Started back in forenoon perhaps about 10:30 (?), lunching at Cook about 1:30 then across by #12 and 77. Saw about a dozen forest fires of small dimensions, but of such size as to call out fire fighters. Some of them became worse later and over 1000 acres were burned at Lake Kabetogamma. Fire are numerous this year, the worst for 20 years. Has been so dry that they flourish. Radio calls for men and trucks have come day after day, asking for 600 more men. The territory includes the Canadian border and the range around Hibbing, south of Eveleth, near Duluth, near Superior, etc etc.. It is only by exceptional effort that things have not been worse, though many farm homes have gone up in smoke.

Robert is having great fun with his small sail , built for his home made boat, but used on the row boat. The old single Evinrude is in running order and we used it for a week or so. The large one went bad on us, "because the grease I used last year was too thin and the gaskets let it leak out. Result, worn gears and bearings. Cost about $20, repairs made in Minneapolis. JUST AT THIS MOMENT THE RADIO IS BRINGING us a broadcast from the French border of Spain, telling the scene of a Spanish battle going on between rebels and government forces. 10AM here 3:30 PM there. "A little engine with one car runs down the track, fires at the rebels and runs back out of range. I see three forts from here, San Sebastian.......etc., etc..... OJF.

AUG 28: 7:25 AM - We leave today. Rained nearly all night. Coming down like fun. B'fast is over and nearly all things stored. Boat comes at 9:30 for us, "Rain or shine"! Will take a lunch and drive straight along. #77 is a question but it's only a four mile stretch. Fred is to come a 8 o'clock to help with the canoe.

Temps for the month of August follow: Range from 50 degrees several mornings to a once recorded 71 on August 1. Averages probably about 60 for the month.


July 3, -Arrived at Arrowhead Pt. at 4:37PM just in time to load up before it rained, hailed very hard. Over to Tepee Nopah after almost an hour delay. All baggage in but no freight yet. Latter is mostly canned goods.

Came by Blair Bridge, Carroll, Ft. Dodge, Albert Lea, Northfield, St Paul, Duluth, Virginia, Angora, Detours at Mo. River and north of Virginia. Cabined at Northfield, near north edge of town. Very pretty camp but toilets poor.

Our gang is five. HMF,RHF,ROF, OJF, and Mary Ellen Foltz (Ruth's chum) Elizabeth is in Chicago working at Ryerson Library. Household in good shape though settling of house, heaving of fireplace cause some displacement. OJF scribe

July 13, 1937 It rained yesternight! At 10:30PM there was 6" of water in the big boat and the row boat, which had been pulled up on the beach, was running over. Robert and I emptied the former by bailing and pumping but the cover failed to connect well. Water over the stones at our porch was 1-1/2" deep; over the gravel behind the dike 6-8" deep in the path to Fays 12-15" deep. Roof leaked in four places. All because the five kids had a picnic on Peanut. Must wash out the boat and clean the feed line in the motor today.

Have driven to Tower twice. Not much doing except routine. OJF

July 30 - Weather has been varied - hot to cool, wet but not too wet or too dry. All going well. Went to Virginia on Wednesday last (28th) all but Robert. Drove by the #35 which took about 58 miles.

Returning by #53 and the detour we recorded 45 miles. While in Virginia I attended the Rotary Club, met 15 men of the approx. 30 there. One was Mr. Douglas from Ely. Federal employee, on cadastral  (ED NOTE: a survey done by the government as the basis for taxation) survey region from airplane. Promised to come to Tepee Nopah on Saturday with photos of the whole region and stereoscope for viewing them. Also to bring his sail boat to give us a sail!

Osterberg was here yesterday to jack up the house a bit. Half days work. Gar Wood rep. demonstrated the new 20 foot mahogany speed launch yesterday and day before. Rob't drove it in Wednesday. Thursday, Robert, Ruth, Jerry aquaplaned behind it. "Pickled Tink". But NO SALE. May build a wood shed. OJF

Aug 15, 1937 Today is sunday and we are even lazier than usual Sundays. It has been a work-a-day week, however. H has painted the front porch region and waxed the linoleum. I've transplanted 3 balsams to the back yard region; cemented the between the fireplace chimney and house; rebuilt the wood piles. Temps are good, to high. Rains frequent. Nothing doing especially locally - OJF

August 24-'37 Went to Tower today to close up all accounts and get ready to leave Friday. All has gone well and we have had a good year. Today was rather hot for here and we went swimming this PM. Also enjoyed the ice cream we made this PM.

Enjoyed Mr. Douglass and his pictures and also his sailboat. Robert and Jerry and I went out with him for a couple of hours. Got wet, of course, but it wasn't bad. Ordered four aerial pictures of our region @ 75 cents ea. and have not yet got them. Will have to write for them probably.

August temps ran between 50 on the 21st and 70 on the 3rd.

1938...  Scribe HMF...

JULY 17 - the group this year consisting of Mrs A R Congdon, Dorothy Huffman, David Walcott and three of our family, Ruth Robert and their mother arrived at camp at 6PM. Sunday July 14, 1938. This time without a dog and HOW WE MISS HIM (Teddy). Roads up about the same but we got lost outside of Virginia on 169 going south on it toward Grand Rapids before we realized that the sun was coming through the wrong window.

Drove new Buick "Special". Six inside with lots of baggage in trunk. Too much for lights if we have to drive at night. Found TP ready to occupy. Fred met us at the dock which had been damaged by the ice and high water. I bought a new boat and hired a motor with privilege of buying it. Quite hot here yesterday - bathing quite popular. Water a bit too cool for us old ones to stay in long. Bought new preserver cushions (red). Both boys and girls fine help. Mrs C and I doing the cooking.

A big bear is on the island but we have not yet seen him. A porky visited us last evening but I did not 'waken the kids. Will next time. Daddy was badly missed this year - result, the ice box water pan flowed over and the kitchen was a lake at 6:30 AM. Temperatures at 6 and 7 not bad. 54 at 6:30AM Warmer later, but very beautiful sunsets for each of our evenings. Took pictures of one of them. Also Dorothy and David tried out the surf board!

July 18- Monday; washday and all done. Boys fine help. Done in double quick time. Rain came when work was done. Children tried out Jerrys surf board. Tonight Mrs Cushman came over looking for a man in a red canoe whom we'd seen about two hours before. Hope nothing has happened. All well and happy...(Next day - man found)

July 21 - HMF: Trip to Tower, Jasper peak and the Soudan Mine. Shopping at Tower "Founders Day" at McKinley Park, but we found some stores open. Boys bought some beaded things at Doc Lackeys. Trip up to Peak was fine. Iva and I climbed only the first flight of steps-it was enough for me. The 4 children climbed all the way. Met 13 boys and an instructor at the top from Minnesota University. Studying geology., etc. Interesting boys. Brought home a car load of pretty stones from the peak and the mine. Home at 4:30PM. Fine day. Temp at 7AM was 59.

Sunday July 24, 1938: Cool, windy, no sun, pleasant and warm enough not to have a fire. Late breakfast...too  much noise last night. Up a couple of times for the source of the noise. Thought is was a porky. Saw a beautiful gray wolf hide at Idlewild yesterday - winter hide - shot last winter. New 16HP Evinrude motor goes beautifully. Letters from Dad and Libbet indicate they are getting along well. Eunice Larsen is going to help with the work. From the letters guess Elizabeth is going to be much better for the operation. We will all be so thankful. Painted the front stoop and steps yesterday. They needed it badly. Had to paint a mar on the Gar Wood where a nail on Grubens dock bit into the boat while we were in Tower. All's well and happy! Scribe: HMF

July 27, 1938 Lot's of fun. Big wash day monday. Fine day cool to warm. Boys writing volumes to all of Lincoln and vicinity. Big outgoing mail at Grubens in coming by Aronson, not so big. News paper coming more than ordered. They make good kindling. Tuesday was grand day for our go-'round the island picnic. Took two boats and two cans of gas. Boats went along fine after we got Minneshappa started. After picnic lunch we picked blueberries. Got a large jar-full. Went all the way around the island through the narrows..a small loon came up under the motor and was hurt...sorry. Saw more loons in Big Bay..some to close for pictures. Minneshappa had to be started again. Last two times Robert had to try. Ruth all tired out. He succeeded later  by leaving the big boat and jumping into the other while slowly passing.

All hands went swimming including "Aunt" Iva - at home by 3:45 PM. Water was warm. Am teaching Iva how to get into the water. Rake came! It looks like rain now. Everybody well lots of fun! Dave is a howling scream! I never laughed so much!  Scribe:  HMF-

SUNDAY- July 31, 1938 Scribe: HMF
Foggy but warm night and morning. Temp at 8AM 68 degrees. Sat all evening last night with windows and doors open. Visitors at Peanut Isle..stayed until 11PM. Not too noisy.

Went to Tower Friday and children climbed Jasper Peak again and then to the mine which wasn't working again. This is the first time the mine has been shut down on Sunday. They are working only 3 days a wee now. Henry Olson called yesterday - he is taking over Albert's insurance business Company at Virginia- Letters from Dick say he will be in Lincoln Aug 29th so we must go home a little earlier-about the 26th - Dad sent a code message. Don't know if the kids can figure it out. Lowest temp for the month was 52 degrees. Paid George Gruben for the new boat and motor.(ROF NOTE: That would have been the 18 ft wooden strip Peterson with the 16 HP 4 cyl Evinrude outboard a neat rig) Both very satisfactory!

August 1938: On August 1st, Iva (Mrs A.R.Congdon-we called her "Aunt Iva") had a letter from Allen (her husband-math Prof at NU) that changed everyone's plans. He has to be operated on for a hernia. So Iva had to go home. I drove her to Tower on August 2 (Roberts 18th birthday) to get time tables., etc. Found a fine quick way to go to Virginia- Lvg Virginia and going Duluth, Mpls, Omaha, Lincoln on the Aksarben...we got back to the cabin at 1 PM. Had lunch, made birthday cake and churned ice cream (choc). At dinner we had the celebration. Robert received a blue tie from Iva, a leather pouch from Ruth and Dorothy, I gave him a box of candy, an initialed handkerchief, and another pearl handled "stick" knife...from home Libbet sent a book "Ends of the Earth by Chapman, Dad sent Mobey Dick, from Gramma, a card and check for $1.00, cards from Uncle Frank and Aunt Nora, Ray Hope Quinby..and many others!

Wednesday was rainy and a poor day to go to Virginia so we postponed it until Thursday which turned out to be a beautiful day.  and arrangements for Iva's trip, found times all correct, bought Fred a shirt ($2,00)...got home in time for swim and mailboat. HOT day!

Friday early AM was a big blow. Minneshappa was loosened and banged against the dock. Woke the boys up and we all ran down in our night clothes to the rescue. Blew great guns. water dashing all over everything and everybody. Robert lost one of his tennis shoes for good, I guess, as we cannot find it...I have raked and looked for 2 days now.

Weather has be fine. No big fires in the front room for 2 weeks. Word from Dad and E that the might come up. Also word from Dick and Dorothy  and the baby (now in Omaha) will come to Lincoln for a few days - coming the 7th (today)

Temperatures at 6-7AM at middle to low 60's but climbs to the 90's during the heat of the day. Elizabeth wrote that Mr. Bunting may be in Lincoln during September coming to America from Italy in August. Would like to meet him.

Today is a glorious day..warm with a heavy shower about 3AM, but short. Listening to the Mormon Choir on the radio and the Catholic Hour also. Fine Organ! These radio batteries are new last week. (450 hours). These may last all this year and next too as others last over-!...HMF

Sat August 13-1938 - For the last three days weather has been threatening - showering and clearing a bit. But today clouds and wind have been gathering and the water is wavy until about 7PM. Then it "broke" and we had an electrical and wind storm. Kids made boats fast and everything movable was anchored. Then the kids stayed down front to watch it. Pretty severe storm but no damage. The kids came in soaked to the skin. All the clothes are now hung and "drying".

Later it rained hard again with hail and we found that the roof leaks and the side wall in Ruth's room also. This morning the boys (ROF NOTE: Robert and David) went to see a small "sea-plane" (ROF NOTE: Mom's "sea plane" sounds like an airplane..NO! It was an 8' long, flat bottomed Sea-sled racing hull..with aprons on the stern. It was owned by Ross Clemens son-in-law, "Mr Capps"). Boys tried it out this afternoon but Robert did not know how to handle it. Nearly had a bad accident. He misjudged the distance, speed, and "turning" qualities of the small boat and grazed the end of the dock while hurtling by. The boat is a risky thing to play with! (ROF NOTE: It was really a fun boat. Mom let me keep it and I had a lot of fun with it with my 9 HP Evinrude outboard on it. It would do 30 mph)

Kids are playing "MOVIE MART"...seems to be funny. Letters from home are quite definite. No one will come up! So we will close up the place by ourselves in less than  2 weeks. Our new little grandson has red hair I gather. (ROF NOTE: That would be Dick/Dorothy's son, Richard Dennis Ferguson...now called "Denny")  Family writes us from Lincoln, but they are mailed from anywhere BUT IN LINCOLN!

Ruth wanted to go swimming in her regular clothes, so Robert carried her to the end of the dock and threw her in. That, with the evenings wet clothes makes it somewhat like the wet night and day so many years ago! HMF  (NOTE ROF: That last reference is to the "camp out" that Dick, Bill Congdon, Libbet and Caroline Beach had in 1924 or '25 when they had a terrible rain storm and dragged in late at night soaking wet! Clothes and bedding hung on the rafters in old Tepee Nopah for days getting dry!)

Monday August 15th, 1938:  Washday again! A beautiful day, windy and warm. I find grasshoppers are eating my silk everything when they are hung on the line. Will have to keep them inside next time. Took ride up to Cooks Island to see the stone house..SOME PLACE, but looks dark! Lake rough and splashy, sun hot. We got some more sun burn..look like a lobster. Made chocolate ice cream. It was
good! Lots of letters today and Ruth's pictures which were good! Temperature at 7AM was 60 degrees. Yesterday was 56!

(ROF NOTE:..That ended the notes on 1938 except the monthly calendar with temps recorded. Highest AM temp was 69, lowest was 48. BUT during the days the highest shown was mid afternoon Aug 1 at 98..and on mid aft Aug 4 it hit 94.

1939 SUMMER: July 15: Sunday Eve
Arrived at the "Point" at 2 PM today. Robert John Provost, Teddy and myself (HMF). Left home at 6:15 AM on Saturday. Arrived 6 PM and stayed overnight at Farmington, Minn. which was 420 miles from home. Left Farmington at 7AM...total miles for the trip was 683, the least we've ever had from Lincoln.

Found cabin OK. Center of house is lower than rest of floor. Fred same as ever. The old poplar is down on the dike. Looks a bit more open than before.  Ruth and Dorothy Huffman will arrive Wednesday or Thursday and Daddy will arrive in two weeks.-

Passed a bad accident on Highway 53 between Canyon and Cotton. A man lying on the road and women and children crying, sitting and standing in one group and the other, a man 2 women (one with a tiny baby) all hurt, bloody and all covered with dirt and grease. (ROF NOTE: Memory does not serve me but I cannot recall this...if we had stopped, which I certainly think we might have, I would think I'd remember...possibly the "help" may have already have been there!)
Bill Gruben came over in the evening with Ethel Carlon who will help me this summer.

July 16- 7:30 AM 56 degrees Monday. Up at 7:30, breakfast 8:10 - Nice day. Not very peppy, but got some odd jobs done - then to put the hammock together - works fine. Got dinner and called early at the Pitts. Girls came over to help, but nothing special to do. Went to bed early - not feeling very well. HMF

July 17 Did not get up-had very severe headache and sick stomach . Cold and dull morning. Boys got breakfast and made fires, beds, etc. Got up at 11 AM cold and shivery. Beginning to rain. Rained hard at 2 PM. Kept fires going all day. Lumber came for the tent floor. and the new table-latter is fine! Ethel came also...no word from Ruth. Hope they are not expecting us tomorrow. Going to bed early. Temp 65 at 8:30 AM......cold all day. HMF

July 21, 1939: On wednesday the girls came on the boat unexpectedly. They caught the boat by accident because of daylight savings time. Boys had worked hard all morning getting the lumber cut to fit for the tent platform. Got it all done by noon and canvass up by 3PM, ready to move in. Had to rush to get stuff in by dark.

Glad to see the girls. They look well. Fred brought ice. Paid him up for the house, boats, gravel, kerosene, ice and hay cutting.
Looked like rain and was windy.

Thursday, Mr Spencer (Gar Wood Salesman from Duluth) came early with the 16 ft Gar Wood demonstrator. I bought it. In the evening we went for our first driving lesson. It was a bad windy day and the lake was awfully choppy. Had no trouble learning but no expert yet, if ever. Mr Spencer got a big 200# weight (block of concrete with the "U"bolt in its top) and a long heavy rope to put in the boat. Boys let it over the edge for a buoy..which later after taking Mr Spencer back we tried to tie the boat rope to it. Robert and John got the rope snagged around the propeller some way. Finally after Robert trying to undo it with John sitting on his legs, John disrobed go under the boat and untangled the rope. It took a long time. After taking the boys back on board. John went ashore and dressed in a bathing cape. He'd left his clothes in the boat. Lots of excitement, lots of splash, lots of fun! My hat got soaked!

Friday July 21: Cleaned my room and small things. tool case etc. in the afternoon we went in the big slop and auto to town. Sent to the bank my bank book for the cash for the new Gar Wood. Hope to enjoy it for I guess I can drive it. Cold day and some wind. Ethel had nice dinner with meat loaf and blueberry pie- two letters from Olin today. He'll be traveling soon to Washington- Bridgeport and then UP HERE...HOORAY!!  HMF

Wed July 26: Yesterday George Gruben and his crew of men, their boat, scow, lumber, cedar poles, etc., arrived. They moved the older dock to a new position and will build a 2nd dock leaving a 10 foot slip for the Gar Wood.

Today is hot. It started out at 67 degrees at 8 AM. Went over to Fay's last night. The Pitts family was there also and a young man. Had a pleasant evening. Home at 11PM. Ethel went to sleep in her chair. Had a hard time waking her to go home. HMF.

July 31st: Another very hot day. On saturday John, Robert and I went to Tower to meet Daddy. He was coming at the end of his trip to Washington, New York City, Bridgeport, and Pittsburgh. He seemed well but awfully tired as it was only 4 weeks since his operation. We are glad to have him with us again as it has been two years since he was here.

We had a beautiful, clear, hot day yesterday (sunday). About 3PM we five (Dad and Ted stayed home) went for a ride. Went through Muskrat channel, Had fun finding our way. At 7PM back at Tepee a big boat (One of Aronsons launches on a Virginia business mans excursion) went by. Two men were wrestling on the top of the boat.
A cry for help went up and Jerry (Over at Maple Grove) heard the yelling. Jerry took his boat and arrived at the scene and saw one man come to the surface. Jerry asked if he needed help and the man said "no I can make it", but the other man didn't come up. Robert and John were over at the Pitts and heard the yelling and went to investigate. Later they came home to refuel and went back to drag for the lost man. There were many others doing the same thing.

No luck and the boys came back to the cabin at 1:10 AM. At 9AM the next morning they joined the group again and kept dragging. An airplane did the area to see if they could see down into the water. It was of no use so they left. At about noon, the body was hooked and retrieved. They were tired and sickened. Later we were to learn that the drowned man had hit his head on the boat rail on the way down and his neck broken. They had been drinking. Seven cases of beer were on the boat.

The flies are bad..hot today..hot in Lincoln too. Hope it rains! HMF

Thursday 11 August Scribe OJF: Cool and windy, cloudy and threatening, but a clearing wind from the south. Fair and warmer tomorrow, no doubt. Had a 24 hour rain Tuesday and Wednesday which amounted to over 2 inches. Some showers later during the clear-up!

Hannah has exchanged the 16 foot Gar Wood for a 20'6" Gar Wood with a cabin over the first and second seats. Pretty nifty affair. Runs beautifully. Is still being broken in, at 2000, 2500 RPM. Needs ten hours of over half is done. The family except me (OJF) went to the Boys camp in Wakemup Bay last sunday to see Leland Huffman (Dorothy's younger brother). That was before the boats were exchanged, so used the small Gar Wood. Incidentally, Cushman has bought the small Gar Wood. Also incidentally, the new Gar Wood is named the "Aksarben".

Kids have had two or three picnics across the island, over to Bear Creek, out to Peanut, etc. The gang consists of Fergusons (4), Pitts (3), Kurtz (2-3), Fay, Branner, Joneses (2)., etc. Yesterday the family went to Jasper Peek. Most of the "gang" went along, though not all climbed the peeks Lookout!

First Porky appeared last night. Momsie, alone, routed him off. Lowest temp so far notes is 52oF. Later August 24, temp was 46oF.

August 28 Scribe back the HMF: Daddy left today for Lincoln. Bob and I took him to Virginia and he took the D.M.& I.R for Duluth. House seems hollow without Dad. Warm today. John is better today. Temperature is normal until 4PM and then 99.4. Both boys will move out of the tent tomorrow. Ethel leaves at 6PM. The Pitts "called" tonight. Beautiful moon!

The new Gar Wood struck it's first accident- a submerged log was hit of the prop..breaking one blade and bending the shaft. Latter was sent to Virginia, a new prop procured and all is well again after a two day wait!

August 30:  Scribe HMF cont...A big rain last night and half the day. 2" or more. Moved the boys over yesterday - a nice hot day, but left the tent until today. Will have to wait some more - all wet! Ethel left yesterday. I took her boxes and things over to Helen's at 7PM. She is a very dear little girl and pleasant company  and a good cook. Hope to have her again next year.

Bob said he'd write to her. Ethel said she's write after a while but not to expect an answer right away. I said, "Ethel, let him cool off a while for his letters are "hot" ones." Bob blushed, ears, neck forehead...then threw a towel over his head. We all roared at him! Ethel too!

This noon the gang left me all alone. I had clam soup all alone. The gang went with Louis Kurtz to Virginia. Louis is back again for two weeks with his grandfather. Of course he is here most of the time. Ruth received his picture 2 days ago. Hope Daddy got home safely!  "H".

Sept 5th: Well many things have happened. Pitts left last Friday. Dad arrive safely in Lincoln, we are all packed and ready to go tomorrow at 7AM. 2 Trunks, 2 bags and 1 box by express collect.

Yesterday Mr Spencer came to ask to borrow my boat to show Mr Kurtz Sr.  Nine folks piled in so it was too heavy to perform well. The gas used was more than I'd counted on, so later, when we went for our ride we ran out of gas out in front of the hotel. We called and Fred heard us, but Dr. Bradley heard us too and came to our aid. He towed us to the gas dock. It was a chance of a life time for pictures, but there were no cameras on board. I'd been giving the kids a chance to drive it a bit. Well, it's in the boat house by now.

The BIG news of the days is WAR WAR WAR !!! At 11:42 AM August 31, 1939..war was declared by Germany on Poland.

Sept 3, 1939: Great Britain and France declared a state of war against Germany!

John Provost age 17 (Jan 15)
Dorothy Huffman age 16 (Oct 3, 1938)
Ruth H Ferguson age 17 (April 11 1939)
Robert O Ferguson age 19 (Aug 2 1939)
Mr and Mrs OJF's 63 (Nov 21 1938) & 56 (June 26 1939)
MEMBERS OF TEPEE NOPAH "FAMILY" from July 16 to Sept 6th!

Three months calendars glued in with AM temps. Highs "not recorded..just says HOT..lows at getup time ran 55 to 69 !!!
(ROF NOTE: In 1993 the lows ran 39 to 65 !! and our weather bureaucrats talk of a global warming?...HaHahaah!)

TEPEE NOPAH-JUNE 20, 1940: Scribe: HMF
Arrived at lake at 5 PM June 20 after an eventful and unhappy experience on the 2nd day out from Lincoln. Mother (Mom's mom- Gramma Ferriss) fell on a cord tied in a loop around her foot in a service station near Hugo, Minn., only a few mile north of Minneapolis. She was so badly hurt that she almost fainted. We put her in the car again and gave her aromatic spirits of ammonia which  I finished up. We drove on after a delay of an hour or so to Forest Lake where we found a doctor, (Dr. Ruggles) who took an x-ray and found the upper bone in the arm broken 1/2" below the joint. It was thought best for mother to go to the Hospital. So Doctor R. took mother back to Minneapolis to Asbury Hospital. I drove on later with the 2 children and dog, opened the cabin and got things ready to live in. On Friday (next day) at noon I left here by Tower by train for Minneapolis. Arrived 7:30 AM Saturday, spent the day with mother and left that night for Tower again. Found mother better than I expected. I returned here Sunday at 1PM.

Got busy monday at once on the new building addition through Olson's. Osterberg will do the labor.

Had lots of rain and it was cold then but the sun is out now and warm.Have gone swimming 2 times already. The "AKSARBEN" is out and running well. Saw the loon one night on the boat trip. Not many people up here yet. Gerry is expected this week! Our party is now  Robert, Ruth, Teddy, myself and Ethel. "Signed: HMF 6-30-40"

JULY 21, 1940 Sunday. Scribe HMF
The house is finished.  10'x11' with 7' ceiling.(This is the attached bed room mom added on to Tepee Nopah - I thought it was to accommodate Gram Ferriss, Ruth says it was for HER! ????) Too much lumber cut up.

On Friday July 7, I brought mother up from the hospital by train. Trip was not too difficult. Mother stood it well. On Tuesday July 16, Elizabeth came via Virginia where Bob and I went to meet her 1:45PM train. She came on the 11:45 and we each ate at different places and walked around and didn't meet until 1:45 train time at the station.  It has been terribly hot here for 3 or 4 days - Mother is finding the heat hard to bear. So today I cut off much of the bandage that was too cumbersome. She is wearing my old clothes. The temps are higher than usual at 7-8AM. At 2 PM today it hit 93 degrees. We've been in the water once and will go again. I don't last long. The family now is Bob, Ruth, Elizabeth (until Wednesday AM) mother, Ethel and myself. We are expecting olin in Virginia next tuesday. Have expected him for four different times. Last word was telegram. Hope that is the last one. Too hot for more!  HMF

Saturday, July 27, 1940: Weather seems to be on the Fall order after a brief hot season. May give us some hot days yet, as Robert
wishes. I (Dad) arrived on Tuesday by way of Virginia having the shortest trip ever. Left Lincoln Monday, 7PM; Omaha 9:15; St Paul 8:15AM; Duluth by 12:40 PM bus: arrived at Virginia at 2:40 PM - Lincoln to Virginia, less than 20 hrs. Folks had been told I'd be there at 4:30 (later bus) but I caught an earlier bus. Hannah and Robert met me and we reached home about 5:30.

Elizabeth was still here though she left the next day on the 2:53 train via Tower, en route to Bridgeport to see Dick. She had seen Dorothy and Denny in Omaha, Sunday, July 14th.

Everybody goes in swimming these days except Grandma! I can't exert
myself yet but paddle like a kid and get wet. Trouble with the    well. Using the old one just now. Also trouble in getting the flag rope up. String is still caught. Robert and I will work on it today.

Ruth is reviewing algebra in preparation for the University exams in Sept. Elizabeth discovered some molding clay the other day while swimming. She, Ruth and Ethel have been sculpting. (OJF)

Sunday August 25-1940: A cool morning but not cooler than some others. One was 42! Brrrrr. It was a cold rainy black night and Ethel didn't come back until 8AM. She had started breakfast, Olin and I were dressed and Bob starting to when a motor boat with Mrs Cushman driving came to the dock waving frantically. Olin rushed out - Mr Cushman had fallen in a faint and hit and broke the basin and was unconscious. "We" (ROF note: actually Dad and I) rushed over. Margery (Cushmans maid) had things under control by the time "we" got there by doing artificial respiration. (Moms' version follows)...He must have had some kind of a convulsion for he jerked badly at one time. Dr Manse came and many neighbors. Dr Watson came from Soudan. 18 miles in 15 minutes! Never took his foot off the pedal - hit 80 most of the way. Olin went over in afternoon. Found all doing well.)

NOW MY VERSION: Margery did have Bob Cushman out on the living room floor. He had been locked in the bathroom taking a shower where an LP gas water heater was. The flame had gone out and Bob was overcome by the fumes that could have blown the joint up if someone had lit a match. He passed out, fell from the shower and knocked himself out. Mrs Cushman and Margery had had to ax the locked door open to get him out..she then came for help and left Margery to work on Bob. She probably saved his life.  Mrs Cushman had left OUR dock and gone to Grubens to call for a doctor...and mom's Watson story is right. Manse? I didn't see him there at all..and there weren't a lot of neighbors that showed up. All Dad and I did, was to check Bob, cover him up with some blankets, congratulate Margery  for her prompt work and wait for Mrs Cushman to come back. Then we came home and I finished dressing  and had breakfast with Pop. Now on with the "LOG"...

Both Bob and Ruth went to Tower to a show, "Pinocchio" again. Rather dull here now everyone gone. Have wired David to come. Don't know yet the answer. (ROF should I edit?)  If he will come, Bob will drive Dad and Ruth back on Tuesday and bring David back on Thursday. Ethel goes home on Friday-so from then on I'm the cook until we go home or the weather drives us out. This has been the coldest August we ever knew.

This morning we discovered a large motor boat had run aground on the edge of Isle of Pines in the pitch dark..head on - full speed. Some crash. Boat did not sink - No one lost. (ROF NOTE: Per Bill Gruben, the man that owned the boat was drunk, had left Grubens
after dark, managed to get through the bridge ok, made the west corner on Isle of Pines, but didn't know that there was a small culdesac after he made the right turn...and he beached his speed boat among the pine trees...a total..he wasn't hurt)

We have a new shed now. All painted white. Moved the outhouse to a new location, built an additional room and put a lavatory in the front corner of the new room, painted the canoe. Porch roof ceiling and floors will be painted later. A new bedroom set , 4 pieces, was put together by Robert, a fine job. We feel this was a successful summer. The pump is the only refractory piece. No more water. So we are using the old pump.   Scribe HMF)

August 28, Wednesday: Cold and rainy. Yesterday, Bob and I drove Ruth and Dad to Virginia to take the train to Lincoln. We telegraphed Dave on Sunday night to come up if Bob drove them home but it did not materialize. Ruth had a bad cold when she left but a card this PM from Sty. Paul she was no worse. They should be getting home this morning. It was nice this morning so Fred worked at the last of the white painting. Porch floors ready, but it was pouring rain all afternoon. Bob went over to see Branner et al, and came home soaking wet, The Fays arrived back at the lake in all this rain. Bob and my colds are some better. A letter from "E". Ok. and don't upset the folks HMF...some surprise for her-(ROF note:?)

Sept 3 9:30PM All set for home. Our last night here for this year. Mother,Bob and I are all that is left. (and the Dog) Bob and mother are already asleep. A very warm day. 86 degrees at 3PM and 64 at 7AM. Everything done that can be. A hard big summer for me but some fun too. Mother seemed pretty good today. Hope all goes well. I am better and ready.  Scribe HMF..(.followed by temps and calendars morning temp 48 degrees low in entire summer No highs recorded)

1941: July 3- Arrived ok, Mother, Ruth and I. Found everything ok. Grass cut, boat ready, though Fred had taken my row boat out and used it all those months through  to July 5. The Peterson boat he'd used two weeks with a motor on it. Our trip up was uneventful. Ruth is a nice little driver and after  395 miles through Ft. Dodge, Albert Lea we reached Owatonna for our first stop. Had supper as we had had a home made lunch en route at noon. Mother was very tired and went to bed early. She was fine in the morning. Our cabin at Shady-Rest in Owatonna was fine, new, with private toilet, shower and hot/cold running water in each room. Also had nice gas heaters. We were very comfortable. Arrived at the point at 4:30. Fred helped us unload car into the "Aksarben" and came over here driving myself. Made good landing. Fred helped nicely though he was heavy with liquor. He had the canoe out and ice in the refrigerator. Next morning Fred fixed the sink, moved swing, chimney tops, etc., etc.

Third day Fred graveled the path, planted the lilies, fixed the motor and put it on the boat! He was drunk but he worked well. On the 4th and 5th day I told him I would not sell my row boat to him. He was mad as a March Hare. He left in a hurry and in 10 minutes was back with my boat which he had had at his place all the time.

When he came back he was mad and drunk and barged into my house and said, " See her Mrs- I've a bone to pick with youse". He was shouting and laying me out for, as he said, I';d told Mrs Fay he had to dress up to work for me. Of course that is not so, but he was too drunk to argue with. Then he said he was through with us all of the caretaking, boats and all... I said "OK, Fred that's fine, I can get someone else to take care of my place. And I told him to get out. We were scared and sorry for Fred too - but he is no good anymore! (HMF)

July 9: We are all settled now and getting along nicely. Harold Miller is our new caretaker and quite competent. We went to town (Tower) monday for mailing some important letters and purchases. Fred came over with the key this evening and wanted his money, but I want to hear from Mr. Fay first. Fred damaged the row boat and I want to hold him for it.

Today and been warm, too warm to stay in the house at 2 PM. Last night about 5 a big rain storm came up, but the house was prepared and everything water tight. Tonight is the first time we've all sat out on the porch until 9PM.  HMF.

Monday July 21.- All done with Fred - though uncomfortable as he still raved. He said he'd sue me, etc., tho he refused to let me pay him...we think because Harold there. However Harold was having trouble with Fred too on his own hook and went over and called the Sheriff. He came over later after I'd seen Fred again and paid him- I would not sign a warrant for his arrest. So Fred is still around but never comes near us.

All is going well. Fires to make each day, but this morning was warmer than any yet (70) Harold comes down and carries water each day and Ethel and I carry water and wood. We've had lots of rain, so woods are all soaked. Glad of that. Am expecting Bob and Dad in 10 days or two weeks Today nice and windy. Mother Ok  HMF

July 31, 1941- 7:30AM 67 degrees. Warm and quiet. While at breakfast Esther Garner Bitney, Louis and son Gerald  Bitney came over. Stayed the morning. Gerald played in the water with Bobs sailboat and went rowing later. I took them for a ride in the Aksarben and to the Point (ROF note: "Point" is Grubens store and boat storage Marina - and is short for ARROWHEAD POINT!) They are en route to Duluth and the North Shore. We are expecting Dad tomorrow. He left home 5AM today.- HMF

August 11 Monday (Washday-wotelse?) Wash out and drying Temp this morn. was 67. I (OJF) arrived at Virginia on the 1st day of August. Ruth and Hannah met me by auto 2:37 PM. Have had good weather for work and swimming and making benches etc....

On Friday the 8th a black bear appeared in the back yard much to Ethel's astonishment. Family were all down front but scurried into the house and viewed "his orneriness" from the rear porch. H tried some pictures and we'll see later with what success. Ruth and I attended a party at the Mantz cottage last night. About 60 present.
Saw 2 deer at Fays as we went down. Came home in the rain and were soaked. Walked home because the boat was out of the water, being painted. Met several old timers. (Smith, Ross Clemens, Kreatch,) and later ones Zelliot, Mantey--- All going well with us. Mother Ferriss, Hannah, Ruth, Ethel and me - (OJF)

Thursday Aug 21,1941 -
Joyce Junge has been here a week and just went back today. H and R took her to Virginia, where they met her last Thursday Joyce and Ruth were very chummy and we all enjoyed her. Her family has been at Pelican Lake.

While the folks were gone today a black bear appeared on the shore in the cove behind "Peanut". He strolled along and disappeared in the reeds along the waters edge about where the old dock was. Mother, Ethel and I had good looks at him. Rainy today and cool. Fire all day. Seems to be clearing tonight. Mother Hoover has been ill, but reports improvement (Grand Island)  (OJF)

August 28, 1941: Tomorrow I desert the family and bus it for home via Virginia, Duluth, Omaha. Lincoln. Will spend night in St. Paul or Mpls. Bob will take my place beginning about monday for the remainder of the stay (about 10-12 days). Weather is rainy by spells, and cooler. Had one 41 degree morning. Today - dark. No more bears since a week ago. A surprise package from Lincoln brought a USA flag. Comp. of Joyce Junge. Fine! For our old one was getting quite badly faded.

Had a good swim yesterday but it wasn't repeated today. Grandma has gained 7 pounds and Ruth 8 lbs., H 2-1/2 lbs., I (?)  OJF.

Friday, Sept. 5, '41 -Olin went home a week ago today. We miss him much. Bob was to come Sunday, but a wire plus a bus strike changed everything and he did not arrive. until wednesday noon. We were pretty worried for 48 hours. He had many trials and misses. Bus to train at Chicago, got train by minutes. Lost a pair of shoes in train. It has rained heavily for days. Many changes of clothes from outside to inside. Hard to get clothe dry. Bob brought everything he owns dirty. He is well, but tired. We will be glad to leave here. It's cold and damp. High winds make boat a wet proposition. Waves are bad.  HMF

Sept 7, 1941-  Today temp went down to 47. It has been cold and windy and damp for 4 or 5 days. Yesterday the sun came out and the wind went down - many trees are down. Mrs. Fay fell yesterday in a chuck hole and tore ligaments in her knee. Is in pretty bad shape.  While Bob, Ruth and I had gone over to see her a tree on lot 8 (?) fell between the canoe and the pump. Mother never heard it fall. Fires keep one going. Lots of wood to carry and burn...to keep warm. Hope to get off for home this Thursday, Sept 11th. Ethel will stay till we go.  HMF
(Years temps were listed in back of this log)

SUMMER 1942:  July 8, 1942 - Mom, Ruth Gram F and I (Robert) left home on the 6th and drove 45 mph on account of the rubber shortage due to the war. We arrived at the point at 5 o'clock on the 8th. Used a new route in hopes of cutting down mileage. It didn't work, but it wasn't any longer either. Weather isn't bad at all, though it's chilly in the mornings.

July 17_ Ethel came on Thursday. Camp pretty well established. Found docks had been pushed in 4 or 5 feet more. so making half of the docks up on the beach. Glenn and his brother are making them over. The larger one now starts about 5 ft in front of the dike and runs 51 ft 6" out. It takes a lot of lumber and logs. Bought the heavy butt ends 8' long from Fred. $20.70. Test we are cutting from our back lot. We have had 2 heavy showers 6" of water the first time and about 1-1/2 last night. It beat hard and leaks opened up in new places. Bob feel much better and we all have much sun burn. On the 16th I varnished the Aksarben and Ruth painted the roof. Looks pretty well!

The bears number 9 on the island. Among them are two females. One with triplets and the other with twins. Gram feels quite well and we all eat like thrashers. HMF.. (NOTE: Farm hands, not the birds) ROF

Aug 11, 1942 - The docks are finished. Cost $125.00. We like them. Plenty of space for Aksarben in very low water. Ethel saw a bear in the back oath first week she was here...none appear since. Glenn had to shoot one - another stole a fish from his ice house. David came Au 2. Bob's birthday. We had a fine day. Went to Tower to meet David on Wednesday preceding and bought a 3 month old Red Irish Setter from the woman near "Friendly Tower on Hiway #1 out of Soudan 3 miles north. He is growing nicely, was frightfully thin when we got him bit is filling out. He takes Red Hart Dog food, mile bread, Oat Meal and Cod liver Oil. Learning a few tricks and is affectionate. His baby teeth are sharp and he tears up many things. Is nice to have around.

We have been boat riding, surf boarding, swimming. David rides the board like a veteran. Ethel enjoyed her first time swinging. Rode around the island last Friday about 45 minutes. Went thru Muskrat Channel, Oak Narrows and into Niles Bay. Got switched of the route into Frazier Bay. Gone 1-1/2 hours. Nice ride. Lots of rain but it hasn't interfered with fun or work. Sun hot and weather not too cool in the mornings, tho we had fires every morning and evening.

Gram Ferriss is enjoying the summer very much this year. She feels much better. Our dog is named "Major" and is Bob's dog. Everything going well. David goes home sunday. We'll miss him. He has made lot's of fun for us. (Story of the outhouse breakthrough) HMF.

ROF NOTE: Her reference to the "outhouse breakthrough" will have to be researched..I don't recall..unless David does...did the floor give out...and if so under whom? David?)

Aug 18, 1942 - David  and Ruth went home by train on sunday...2:43 PM from Tower. The day was lovely. We had had 3 or 4 days of rain and were tired of it. David had to go, and Ruth wanted to sing at a friends wedding on the 27th, so this was a way for her to have company home. So it is lonely now. Bob was feeling well enough to help with the washing Monday. Rather a large one too. But not like last week! Major growing nicely but is still car sick. We took him along to Tower Sunday..he doesn't like cars or boats!

Bear tracks down front on monday AM, early after the rain. Porky's again...and mice! Glenn monday and fixed two leaks in the roof and put drain cuts in the high windows to let rain drain forward instead of running into the cabin. While I was helping Glenn on the inside, the ladder went over sideways and I fell. Caught hold of the rafters until mother put a chair under me. Some bruises and much strain. Feel all worn out and shaken up. Ok though  - no bones broken!! Awfully lonely here! HMF

Am terribly black and blue all over breast and arm- broke some veins D. Mantz says.

August 29- Major is 5 months old today. A dull but warm day. Lot's of rain, both heavy and light. Last night a bear prowled around here and found a string attached to some bacon rind that was further attached to some tin cans, perched on top of the shed roof. Paw marks show how he got it. He ran away into the woods. Dog barked and we all rushed out. No sign of cans...Bob looked all over.

The Kurtz's arrives Wed. (The brother and his family). We have had a number of Finnish Baths down at Mantz's. Doc Mantz thought they might be beneficial for Bob. High Temps 59 -61-65 HMF.

Sept 4, 1942. Ready to leave in the morning. Hope at 9AM. Trunks ready to go by mail boat in afternoon. Ethel will stay and finish with us and leave by mail boat Saturday. A fine summer in spite of the war and Roberts Rheumatic Fever. Cold this AM but not as cold as yesterday..frost on everything. 44 degrees in the house. Gram is fine. Bob is pretty good, Dog OK, and I'm ready to go home. Have had my last swim this season.  HMF.

JULY 9, 1943:  -  Friday 3:30 PM Arrived aforesaid at Camp: Mother, Mrs Donahe, and myself. Came up by train, leaving Lincoln 6:50 PM Wednesday. Changed at Omaha and waiting for us at elevator was Elizabeth. We visited for an hour and a half. Left Omaha at 10:45 for St Paul arriving 2 hours late which we did not know at once. Waited with our things on for 9AM to get off and THEN found out we were two hours late. So we had breakfast brought to us. Met Mr Hansen, at the Gate ,our Porter #1. We are old friends with Mr Hansen so we were put in his hands. Kept wheel chair, had nice lunch. Mr Hansen came to see us three times. Left via wheel chair electric motor, etc, to a crowed train. Porters got us fixed up.

Arrived Duluth 1/2 hour late, 6:30 PM Thursday. Had cab to the Holland Hotel. Very nice.  Had had lunch made for us to carry on train to Duluth...Lvg at 9AM to Tower ar at 12:25 PM, Friday. Mr Aronson met us at train and took our baggage and drove Mother and me (98 degrees) in truck up to Olsons. Mr Donahe walked up. Mr. Olson drove us to the boat landing in his auto. Then with all baggage and groceries, wheel chair tied on the speed boat "Security"
out on regular run, arv 3:30 PM. No man there to help us. Put everything on dock. I opened the house which had been partially opened and carried, by wheel barrow, what could be brought in. I unpacked the big trunk by clothes basket - 2 loads of that- and tray was all we could, or thought we could do. But at 6:30 it rained and we "overended" mothers trunk up and into the house. dragged the big one up under some trees, covered with a rubber cape. We ate at 8PM and went to bed by 10. No lights. Very hot day and warm night.

July 13, 1943 - For the past four days it has been very hot. Days began in high 60's or low 70's and often would reach the 90's or over. Went swimming every day, once, and sometimes twice. Found some baby duck hatching out (two families nearby) and deer thick as last fall. Very few men to hunt - most gone to war. Big Bear is around again. Others also, but none here at cabin yet. Glenn works at the mine and helps out here after his days work. (NOTE: The work at the mine is war related and Glenn was un-draftable because of his job) The ice melts so fast we get it every day. No meat in the stores Tues. or Fri. The ration Board was very generous and ordered Grubens to give me gas until my card comes through. Found my boat had been used and all gas was out.!Wish there was some way to get ahead of the graft. Grubens store is denuded. Never saw so few things in a store, so many empty cases.

We cleaned up the bedrooms on saturday and the clothes on Monday and sent the big wash off to the Tray Laundry. Then today we cleaned all the cupboards, dishes, and cabinet in the kitchen. Tomorrow is to be this room! (Wot room is THAT Mom?) NOTE: My guess she's in the living room when she wrote that).

This afternoon a bad electrical storm came at 3PM. It's STILL raining and it's 8PM. The rowboat is half full of water. Much cooler but very pleasant and comfortable. HMF

Mother weighs 100#
Mrs Donahe ...118#

August 31- Many things have happened since last entry. On Sunday August 8, Bob, Ruth Helen Greusel and Don Young arrived for the summer. Three weeks previous mother was taken sick. A gradual loosing of strength, until Dr Mantz was called to see what could be done. Mother became incoherent and very weak. On Tues. Aug 10th we moved mother by ambulance to the Virginia Municipal Hospital. Dr. Neff received her and for 5 days she hovered between life and death. At the end of about 10 days things looked encouraging and Dr. Neff was astounded at her recovery. Brother George arrived at Tower August 10 and was taken to Virginia by Bill Gruben where he and I rented rooms. I returned August 16th to pack up and leave the cabin for the children and to get Mothers things and my things to go home. George and I both returned again August 22 and 24 went back to Virginia with Dr. (?) Fiuestra (?) and wife . On 28th Dr and Mrs Mantz all 5 of family down to see Gram for the day and returning by bus.

We came back again via Dr Mantz to lake on August 31. Will expect to return by Fri or Sat and then take mother and George home - all 660 miles by ambulance. Weather this summer - fair- warm and nice. Swimming good. Finish baths at Mantz's. New people at Piney Ridge. Mr and Mrs Rask (Pharmacist) are liked and seem very pleasant. Glad to know them. Sun coming out - Did George's and my washing today and now will rest!

Sept 2, 1943: Guess this end of this log gets blessed with a new scribe. Guess it's also one of those things. This year we have among us those two congenial characters, Miss Helen "Baroness de' Legs, Greusel and my Fraternity Brother, "Handsome" Donald Miller Young.

Plenty has happened what with poor Grandmother illness to make this a coming and going summer.

Weather has been so-so but not exactly up to par. Dave Walcott's in the Army and our other buddy is flying Navy planes for this one man's war. Don and I are classed 4F along with the rest of the basket cases classed as unfit for Military duty. Jerry Fay was originally declared unfit because of his Hay Fever, but is flying "First Officer" for Pan AM, 5 routes out of San Francisco.

Pitts have sold their cabin to the Rask family..who as Mom has said are nice and neighborly. This no doubt will be my last summer at the lake for a few years. I hope to graduate from College next year and   job - money - wife and so on..... (NOTE: got drafted 7/25/45)

Have enjoyed today bouncing around in some rough weather in the "DAISY". Our 16 HP Evinrude went "rude" on us and serves us no longer. I had it on the "Lois-June" and during the course of a spin the connecting rod broke as did it's sister and flying bits of Motor strew the summer breeze...along with some un-biblical remarks by yours truly. The 9HP motor is now our sole source of power. It does nicely but is slow compared to the 16.

No bear yet..there are some according to Glenn, for he's shot one recently...while cleaning some fish. "Tippy" his pup gave notice! With shells scare we don't do any target shooting. Helen and I found one porky swimming between Pine Island and Emerald. Later Don shot it.

Don and I slept out on Emerald last night and we lucked out - no rain. We've all tried the aquaplane and both Helen and Don have really done well. Our weather didn't permit doing it very often - too cold - or rainy. Tried it double and Helen showed off! Very Good! Indoor activity when rain kept us there was reading. I liked Ellery Queen Mystery stories.

Our cook, Mrs "D" took over where Ethel left off and does very well at kitchen work. She sticks her nose in places where she isn't really wanted in some instances...youth, ah youth!

Sept 6th: Today it rained. Looks like it'll continue maybe for a week. Glad we four took our "round the island" trip yesterday. Stopped at Bear Creek, the old family picnic area and came "home".
A surprise waited for us when we got back. Ethel came back. Her hubby (Hans Corser) is en route overseas. She is at her home in Tower now and soon will become a proud mother.

If it rains tomorrow our closing up will be damp. It will be cold too. Jerrys folks came up yesterday too. Jerry is back in San Francisco. His routes will be the Hawaiian Islands (He likes them according to Mrs. Fay)

So much for this year. We've had fun but sorrow at Gram Ferriss's illness. Mom is "spent" taking care of Gram. Hate o realize that I may not return here again for quite some time. Have had a wonderful set of parents to give me a wonderful young man's life. Thanks all!
SCRIBE: Robert-O

PS: 9/7/94 Last night mommy bear and cub visited us for some beef drippings. They were polite and only took half a can full...in 3 visit between flashlight shots. Glenn (Bystrom) loan me his rifle. If they return tonight we may have some fun! Anyone for a bear rug?

Have had an awful wind and cold weather. Waves in Big Bay to 6 or 8 feet according to Aronson. Waves broke a window in the MAYFLOWER and one wave washed the top of the cabin. Hope it's not that bad tomorrow when we leave for home. Fays left because of the bad weather. If anything happens tonight, will add a line. Otherwise.

1944, AUGUST 3----:

Arrived at TP 3:15. Ruth, Uncle George and Don who joined the party at Duluth. Also, HMF. Found the lake higher than ever. Docks awash. Aronson's MAYFLOWER driven by Bill Gruben brought us out straight. House ok except for a few roof leaks. Rained every night for a week 2 bad storms with wind, hail, thunder and lightening. Scared everyone - much damage to trees, docks, etc. We have had very warm/hot days. Pleasant though.

On wednesday, Ethel and her baby son "Jack" came out for a week. We are enjoying them very much. Indians brought blueberries. Ruth and Don picked a bowl of red raspberries one day. We have cleaned the

house, put up pictures and hung the bear. Latter looks fine! Took down the broken end of the dock today (Friday). Crib is broken in pieces, logs lost and stones out. Will need lots of work. Hope to rebuild the whole dock this week......took a few pictures today (group)

August 24, 1944: Ruth and I alone now. Don went home August 16 and Ethel and baby also. Same day Ethel received  a telegram from the Government informing her of hans being seriously wounded. Ruth was with her and helped some. They were driven in by Ella Gruben. Ruth came back by 5PM.

George (Uncle George Ferriss-Mom's brother) left on Monday Aug 21. He was a lot of help doing all the morning chores. Flag, water, wood, 2 beds made on porch. He slept in Grams room first, and then on the porch while Ethel was here. Lots of rain and hard to get around with everything so wet. We miss George lots. Fays came same day he left.

Have not used the boats much. Dock will be repaired later. Fred is very thin. Looks badly. Is 64 years old, Sept. 3, 1944. Ruth and I are lonely. Fays go home Sunday so we will leave Monday. Cold mornings make lots of work and we are tired. All well at home-nice letters from everybody. This will probably be this years last entry. Busy now. Bill Carlon is helping us paint the front porch floor and other jobs. I can't find the front stakes for lot 194 -
Enough for now - HMF.

(ROF NOTE 1994 -Jodie and I found these stakes in 1992. The SW corner, however is a curve where a junction in the old roads met or crossed, so there are two stakes there which identify the "area" but there should be more).This finished the first log book.-

                            * * * *

LOG BOOK #2- 1945 (The year ROF was married, discharged from the Army and went to work for Gates Rubber Co.)

V. Dells, August 7- Ruth, Hannah and I (Olin) left Lincoln on August 2 driving my Chevrolet, and arrived at Arrowhead Point about 5:30 pm Friday Aug 3. Just before leaving word came from Joyce that Bob had received his discharge from the Army and would be home soon.

We left Rilla in super charge of the household at home, including Mother Ferriss, Mrs. Kavanaugh (day nurse), Mrs. Mitchell (part time housekeeper), Ruth Mitchell (night nurse), etc.

Our summer's expectations were August at the lake with Ruth and Don part time, possibly Joyce and Bob for a couple of weeks, and maybe Dorothy, Denny and Diane.

I have gas for the trip, since I have to inspect a POW camp at Cut

Foot Sioux Lake, having in mind acquiring it for a Surveying Camp for the University of Nebraska. Co.. Lobdell is the instigator of the idea. But a telegram received Sunday 3:45 PM that mother Ferriss had fallen and injured a hip. Telephone call revealed  a broken pelvis. So Hannah left today (Tuesday) to go home by bus and train. Lv Tower at 9AM - Duluth at 1:00 (Soo Line) - St paul at 9:25 - Omaha early wednesday and arrive home at 10:10 am on wednesday. -we hope!

Ethel and Jackie called on us Monday PM. Big Boat is pout up after a half a dozen trips to Arrowhead and the hotel. Ruth and I will stay currently. Don will come next Sunday. The others-----? This is my first trip here in three years. Things look different - trees especially.

Wed. 8, August '45 - Fine hot day and I daubed the roof in the hope that I could stop the little leaks. Now, let it rain and well see!

The Fays arrived yesterday, Gerald with them. It was he who flew over our house 3 times the other day, waving at us. Word from Mommsie that she was in St. Paul aboard a good train for Omaha but no pullmans nowadays, for the run is less than 500 miles. Dons letter to Ruth says Bob and Joyce will be here monday. Letter from MR. Robert O. Ferguson says he's in K.C. but will be in Lincoln about the time Mommsie gets there.

Thursday, 9 Aug '45 : Wash day! Ruth and I did 6 washers full and filled the lines. Ruth went to Virginia with Mrs Fay and Gerry and had a plane ride back over Pine Island. Past here 3 or 4 times. Got some pictures. Back home about 7PM.

Letters from home tell of Mother Ferriss's fall. Rilla was in the room at the time. Also a letter from Don saying Bob and Joyce expect to arrive at Tower on Sunday, 3 days hence. Lobdell will be at Cut Foot Sioux Camp about the 23rd and 24th and expects me over there to inspect the place. Invited me to bring Hannah, but she isn't here to go.

Friday- 20, August '45: Cloudy to begin with - getting more and ending up with drizzle and rain. Looks like the old fashioned 3 day affair. Worked around the house all day. Read. Gerry brought over the news that"Japan is negotiating through Sweden" Wonderful news on top of Russia's declaration of war and the use of the first atom bomb. What else could Japan do on top of all that?

Telegram that Mom is coming back with Bob and the others. Gram is do9ing well. Saw a fawn near Tower.

Sun. 12, August '45 - Met the folks and they are OURS! Mommsie, Jodie, Bob, Don. Quite a crowd at the train All excited over the imminent surrender of the Japs.

Wed. 15, '45: Rained all day monday. Cleared in spots on Tuesday and got a bit warmer. E'body went to town but OJ. Spied a bear on the big rock as they came back in the boat, but Gerry, Bob and Don couldn't find him later,! Official announcement of V-J DAY, came TUESDAY about 5 PM Is it 14 or 15? (Dad checked "15" and "OK".)

Wed. morning coldest yet - 49oF. Clear and sunny. Bid faire to be a nice warm day when it gets around to it. And Don and I got wood out of the woods - 2 trees. Bob had a cold and stayed in bed for the AM. Ok again in the PM.

NEWS: V-Day-J, and gasoline rationing is all off. Mom got the Gar Wood out again after having it docked to put away. Bears seem plentiful down at Mantz's, Kutchera's, etc.

Sun. 26, Aug '45: We are down to four. Momsie, Jodie, Bob and OJ. Ruth and Don left for Kansas City last Thursday the 23rd. We are to leave next wednesday (29th) since Bob must be at work in Omaha on the 10th of Sept., for Gates Rubber Co. Weather has been fine and a very blustery day today with a So. wind promises good results too.

Spent a couple of days clearing out a spot on lots 11 and 12 for a new house if we decide to build next year.

The Gar Wood decided not to run last week and we all labored on it - principally Bob. Geo. Gruben found a leaky intake which sucked air into the feed line. That helped but it wasn't all. We tried everything pump, carburetor, spark plugs, coil---. She runs nicely. WHY?...Yes...WHY?

Mom has a bad growth on the first joint of her right index finger. Will need attention.

Tues. 28 Aug '45 63oF: Saw Aurora-B last night. Good but not spectacular. We went down to Dr., Mantz re HMF's finger. He cut away the dead skin and surface infection. Filled it with Tc.Menth and advised hot cold soaking. Much better today. Dr. M. came in this morn and redressed it. Will clear itself evidently. Last washday yesterday. Bob and Jodie did it while Momsie and I were at the Dr.s. Glenn Bystrom limped in this morning with as broken toe.!

Even'g same day 28th: Nearly everything done for our get-a-way. H must soak her hand again in the morning and go down to see Mantz before we go. Warm and quiet tonight. Went for our last Gar Wood ride except for the trip across, tomorrow. (Scribe has been OJF)

Tues. Aug 28 9:30PM 1945: (Scribe HMF): All set for home. Have just packed my finger for the last time and the last night. A gorgeous day and a beautiful sunset that the boat really ran for us to go see. Gone about 40 minutes. Hope it runs all right in the morning. Will keep our fingers crossed.

Dad bumped his toe and it is all black and blue, so my finger's hot water took care of his toe! A rather short summer, but a very pleasant and comfortable one. Joyce and Bob drive back with us - helping drive. We expect to stop in Algona, Iowa to see Col. Lobdell's POW Camp,
                     'Bye for now.....HMF

29, August '45:  8.55pm and we are leaving for Dr. Mantz's and the Point. All closed and dark !
NOTE: (This is followed by the August calendar on which daily temps are shown.Low temp was 45 on the 25th and the high for Aug was 68
on the 19th