The Nebraska Blueprint, April 1935



 THE COLLEGE of Engineering owes a great deal to the high schools of the State, and it wishes to take this occasion to acknowledge that indebted-ness. By far the greatest number of our students come from our own State, of course. It is interesting, however, to see how widely distributed are the communities from which they come.

Scarcely can I step into a town of the State which has not given us at least one student. Scarcely can we find a community to which we have not undertaken some service of education. And this is exactly as it should be, for the Uni-versity is owned by the State and run for the State. We might paraphrase Abraham Lincoln's famous declaration and say that the University is "of the people, for the people, and by the people."

I ran through our list of about 2,000 engineering alumni, choosing almost at random a few names of men with whom I have had fairly close personal contact. I purposely limited myself to only fifty names—spreading from 1888 to 1931. An analysis shows that these fifty men came from forty-one different high schools and preparatory schools.

And this list of men is one of which any college could be proud. The men are substantial citizens in their communities. They are, in general, well established in engineering services to the public. (One of the youngest men listed is doing graduate work in another school). I know of their work, their responsibilities, their successes and even such lack of success as may obtain. I know of some of their hardships of the last few years. And yet, these men who have come from your schools, some of whom you may have forgotten, are upholding well the reputations you have built up for good work.

I could extend the size of this group almost to the limit of my full list and still say the same things about them. May I name a few, then, trusting that no false impression of comparison will arise, and no criticism for omissions may occur? We freely give credit of the same order to the many not mentioned, coming either from the same or from other schools.

Ashland—gave us Henry Senger, '03—now Chief Engineer of the Idaho Power Co,
Aurora—Harold E. Edgerton. '25—Assistant Pro-fessor of Elec. Eng'ng., at Mass. Institute of Tech.
Beatrice—0. V. P. Stout. '88—Irrigation Engi-neer. U. S. Dept. of Agr.
Blue Springs—Edwin W. Morris, '25—General Engineer, Westinghouse Elec. & Mfg. Co.
Brady—R. L. Cochian, '10—Governor of Nebraska (formerly State Engineer).
Cedar Bluffs—Glen A. Walker, 'M—Engineer, Nebraska Power Co.
Craig—George B. BIackstone, '12—Production Mgr., Western Brick & Supply Co.
DeWitt—William A. Schumacher, '17—Outside Plant Engineer, Postal Telegraph Cable Co.
Fairbury—Donald D. Price, '08—Chief Engineer, Platte Valley Public Pwr. & Irrig. Dist.
Fremont—George R. Kilgore, '28—Eng-ineer in Research and Development Labs., R. C. A. Radio-tron Co.
Hampton—ElIery L. PIotts, '28—Asst. to Mgr. of Chicago Division of Columbia Broadcasting Sys-tem, Inc-
Hastings—W. Owen Williams. Mech., '31—Air Conditioning Dept., General Electric Co.
Havelock—Greer W- Cowley, '30—Telephone En-gineer, Bell Telephone Labs., Inc.
Hyannis—Charles E. Pflug, '26—Engineer in Ser-vice Dept., Wisconsin Pwr. & Lt. Co,
Keamey—Don F. Smith, '10—General Supt., Erie Works of General Elec. Co.
Kenesaw—Leiand D. Norton, '16—Director of Research, Dictaphone Corporation.
Lincoln—D. L. Erickson, '11—City Engineer Lin-coln.
Lincoln Academy—Fay H- Rosencrants. '11— Advisory Engineer, Combustion Eng'ng.. Corp'n.
Mead—Albert P. Strom, '20—Engineer in High Voltage Lab. of Westinghouse Elec. & Mfg. Co.
Mema—Carl J. Madsen, '26—Radio Engineer, Westinghouse Elec. & Mfg. Co.
Niobrara—Gustav A. Kositzky, '01—Chief Engr., Ohio Bell Telephone Co.
North Bend—Charles H. Purcell, '06—Chief of Division and State Highway Engineer, California.
Oakdale—Luther R. Branting, '17—Supt. of Mines, in charge of mining operations in the State of Ark., for the Aluminum Co. of America.
Omaha Central—Howard C. Parmelee, '97—Vice President. McGniw-Hiil Publishing Co.
Omaha Tech.—Vernon L. Bollman, '31—on Graduate Scholarship at the Calif. Institute of Tech.
Ord—Robert E. Glover, '21—Engineer, U. S. Bu-reau of Reclamation.
Pawnee—Willard J. Tm-nbuII, '25—Asst. Engr., Highway Testing Lab.. Univ. of Nehr.
Randolph—Harold F. Holtz, '17—Secy. Treas., Cochran Const. Co.