By Dean Ferguson

SUMMER vacation is upon us again. It often seems to us that it is an unnecessary interruption in the process of education. The summer months might be used for college work and the present curriculums thereby covered in three years instead of four. Many colleges are now organizing upon the four-quarter basis, for this very purpose.

THE value of this change depends upon several things. To what extent do students use the present vacation period to finance their subsequent school year? To what extent do they utilize it to begin their engineering experience?

THIS paragraph is not intended to settle the question of the advisability or inadvisability of having summer vacations, but it is dictated for the purpose of emphasizing the fact that a summer vacation provides a wonderful opportunity for a student to engage in some occupation closely allied to his college course, to the end that (1) he will begin his apprenticeship before graduation; (2) he will have a greater apppreciation of the value of college training; (3) he will know better what his studies mean; (4) he will more clearly choose among electives; (5) he will be better able to correlate his subjects with each other; (6) he will find definite means of evaluating himself and perhaps even orienting himself.

What will this vacation do for you?