THE DEAN'S CORNER -- October 1920

by Dean 0. J. Ferguson



"Fred is going to be an Engineer."

Yes, "going to be"————but WHEN? Who can tell? What determines? Will it be when he has registered in an engineering school? Will he be an engineer only after he has passed the first year's examinations? Is the senior the beginning engineer? Will graduation make him one? How much experience is needed? WHAT IS NEEDED TO MAKE FRED AN ENGINEER? We cannot answer the question concisely because it depends upon Fred. But there is one thing which we can assert with full confidence. The sooner Fred identifies himself with engineers, the sooner other people will recognize him as one.

Freshmen (and others) who have not yet joined hands with our engineering society, you can ill afford to stay out of the organization, if you are to be engineers. It is one of the influences, which will give you an appreciation of engineering ideals and practices. It will throw you into contact with men who have the same aspirations that determine your own plans. You will find here good, sub-stantial associates, some better men than you are, and some less clever and apt. The former will strengthen you and in turn you can assist the latter. Then, having joined, you can expect only a minimum of results if you do not open yourself up to the influences about you. Regularly attend the meetings. Take part in discussions. Ask questions. Help with the business of the societies. Tell the other fellow about it. Open up. Be a seed—not a pebble.

Would Fred be an Engineer? Then let him actively associate himself with engineers, wherever he may be. If he did not begin yesterday, then let him not put it off until tomorrow.