Dean 0. J. Ferguson

The invitation given me to take proprietory rights over one corner of the current issues of the Blue Print may prove to be a reckless experiment. No one knows yet what I may do,I am not prepared to risk a statement, for it might involve later explanations of changes. Therefore the reader may expect anything. I may reminisce, tell stories or even ask questions. I feel it in my bones that I may preach just a little once in a while. Or,I may succeed in giving' you something worth reading.

The outstanding summer trip item seems to be the record established by Professor C. E. Mickey. With his family and his Hudson he struck the roads of the northwest for a trail 4300 miles long. His classes this winter will receive the benefit of his observations on irrgation developments, dam construction, highways, etc.

Professor W. L.DeBaufre's work for the government has kept him busily occupied during the summer, most of which time was spent in Lincoln. Several very interesting problems are growing out of his primary objectives directed toward helium production. Heat transfer at extreme temperatures, liquefaction of air and of nitrogen, and allied subjects are receiving attention.

Engineering College faculty changes occurring this fall include the departure of Mr. Otto Hager, of the Civil Engineering Department, who is now in Indianapolis with the Bridge Department of the Nickel Plate Road; also, Mr. Frank J. Moles, Electrical Engineerng Department, who returned to Schenectady for work with the General Electric Company. New appointments were made as follows: Mr. Don J. Young, Instructor in Civil Engineering; Mr. Robert A. Cushman, Instructor in Electrical Engineering; Mr. Harry L. Decker, Assistant Instructor in Engineering Drawing. Mr. H. S. Kinney has shifted from the Department of Applied Mechanics to the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Recent visitors on the campus with whom we have had pleasant visits are; William E. Brooke, B.C.E. '92, Head of the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, University of Minnesota; James S. Martin, Elec.'19, Assistant Chief Engineer, Sangamo Electric Company, Springfield, 111.; Lewis S. Grandy, Elec. '22, Instructor in Electrical Engineering, Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University, New Haven, Conn,; William K. Fowler, Jr., Elec. '16, Salesman, International General Electric Company, Department Far East, Schenectady, N.Y.; Fred A. Brooks, Elec. '23, on inspection methods engineering for the Western Electric Company, Chicago; William F. Sturtevant, Elec. '22, on development engineering, Western Electric Company, Chicago and Edwin R. Walton, Ex. '08 Elec., Electrical Designing Engineer with the Illinois Power & Light Company, Chicago.

Some of our former students who are taking graduate work are located as follows: Edgar J. Boschult.Chem. '23, Chemistry Department, University of Nebraska; Donald F. Othmer, Chem. '24, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Henry A. Sargent, Civ. '24, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass.; Herluf P. Nielsen, Mech.'24, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N. Y.; James A. Waters, Civ. '13, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla.

A very useful assortment of Universal Test Clips has just been received as a gift from Ralph S. Mueller,B.Sc. '98. One new development exhibited in the lot is a completely lead-plated spring clip to be used for storage battery work. This is the result of some very interesting studies in metals.